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HNL Round 35: Dinamo Clinches Croatian Championship with One Round To Go

May 15, 2022 - The 35th round of the Croatian First League was played from May 13 to 15, 2022. Hajduk kept their title hopes alive after winning at home against Istra on Saturday until Dinamo beat Sibenik on Sunday to claim the 2021/2022 Croatian Championship title. Here is our HNL round 35 recap. 

Dragovoljac v. Gorica (0:2)

Dragovoljac and Gorica opened the 35th round on Friday, May 13, 2022, in Zagreb. 

Fruk scored for 0:1 in the 5th minute and Golubickas in the 78th for the final 0:2. 


Dragovoljac is in last place with 19 points and will be relegated from the First League next season, while Gorica is in 6th place with 44 points.

Slaven Belupo v. Rijeka (2:2)

Belupo and Rijeka met on Saturday, May 14, 2022, in Koprivnica. 

The first goal of the match wasn't scored until the 49th minute when Obregon found the back of the net for the Rijeka lead. Krstanovic equalized from the penalty spot in the 56th minute and Bosec gave Belupo the lead for 2:1 in the 59th. Vukcevic equalized for Rijeka in the 79th minute for the final 2:2. 


Belupo is currently in 7th place with 36 points, while Rijeka is in 4th with 62. 

Hajduk v. Istra 1961 (3:1)

Hajduk and Istra met on Saturday, May 14, 2022, at Poljud Stadium. 

Mahmoud gave Istra the lead in the 15th minute for 0:1 before Livaja equalized from the penalty spot or 1:1 just before halftime. Mahmoud was shown his second yellow moments later forcing Istra to play with a man down for the entire second half. Livaja scored another penalty in the 51st minute for 2:1 and Krovinovic made it 3:1 three minutes later for the final score. 


Hajduk is currently in 2nd place with 72 points, while Istra is in 9th with 28. 

Osijek v. Lokomotiva (1:0)

Osijek and Lokomotiva met on Sunday, May 15, 2022, at City Garden Stadium. 

The only goal of the match came in the 26th minute when Zaper scored for 1:0 and the Osijek win. 

Osijek is in 3rd place with 68 points, while Lokomotiva is in 5th with 46. 

Sibenik v. Dinamo (0:2)

Sibenik and Dinamo closed out the 35th round on Sunday, May 15, 2022, in Sibenik. 

A draw or a loss for Dinamo would mean the Croatian champion would be decided next weekend at Maksimir Stadium between Dinamo and Hajduk. Dinamo, however, came to Sibenik knowing what was at stake and celebrated the title one round early.

Tolic scored in the 39th minute and Bockaj in the 53rd for the final 0:2. 

With this win, Dinamo has secured the Croatian championship title with 76 points, while Sibenik is in 8th place with 32 points. This is Dinamo's 23rd Croatian championship title. 

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You can see the full HNL standings HERE.

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Sunday, 15 May 2022

20th Queer Zagreb to Take Place Between 24 May and 5 June

ZAGREB, 15 May 2022 - The 20th edition of the Queer Zagreb festival will take place between 24 May and 5 June at several venues in the city, with 100 artists and activists from around the world dealing with a wide range of topics, including sex work, global violence, the body against nationalist violence and the embrace.

The festival will open with the Croatian premiere of "Yira, Yira", a performance directed by Bruno Isaković and Nataša Rajković, at the Croatian National Theatre on 24 May. It was created in collaboration with performers, sex workers and queer activists from Argentina. Through their stories, Juan Ejemplo, Leandra, Pichón Reyna and Sofía Tramazaygues portray sex work through the interplay of personal choices and circumstances, work conditions, demand and supply in an open market, margins and centres of power, desires and realities.

Among the 100 artists and activists will be Cuban Carlos Martiel who will perform "Velo de Silencio" at the Museum of Contemporary Art on 27 May, a performance focusing on structural racism and political systemic violence against all socially marginalised bodies.

"The fact that we have reached the 20th edition of Queer Zagreb shows that queer art and queer as an art topic is quite current and that to many people it is important to continue to speak about what sometimes makes us all different," said Zvonimir Dobrović, the art director of Queer Zagreb.

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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Croatian Prime Minister Sends Letter of Condolence Over Death of UAE President

ZAGREB, 15 May 2022 - Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on Sunday sent a letter of condolence following the death of the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who died on Friday, the government said.

"The United Arab Emirates has lost a great man and serious statesman, who worked for the benefit of his people and country with foresight and commitment," Plenković said.

"Our thoughts are with the royal family and the friendly people of the United Arab Emirates, whom I offer sincere condolences and deep sympathy," Plenković added.

Sheikh Khalifa, born in 1948, came to power in the richest emirate, Abu Dhabi, in 2004 and became UAE President. He was succeeded on Saturday by his half-brother, Abu Dhabi's crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who has been widely seen as the de-facto leader of the rich Gulf monarchy.

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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Minister Comments on Strike, Says Won't Tolerate Patients Being Denied Healthcare

ZAGREB, 15 May 2022 - Health Minister Vili Beroš said on Sunday, ahead of a strike of non-emergency ambulance drivers set for Monday, that he supports any protest that is in line with the law but that he will not tolerate patients being denied the right to health care.

Some of the non-emergency ambulance drivers have announced a strike for Monday, to last until their demands are met and a regulation is adopted that would make their wages even throughout the country as currently they differ up to HRK 1,500, depending on the county where they work.

The minister said a solution was being defined with all the relevant stakeholders, recalling that last year the government and the health ministry launched dialogue with unions and showed the will to resolve the problem.

He added that there was therefore no reason to strike or take action that would be to the detriment of patients and that he expected local clinics and non-emergency ambulance drivers to continue providing regular services so that a solution to their problem could be found in a constructive and peaceful atmosphere.

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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Expert Warns About Lack of Comprehensive Strategy for Prevention of Child Suicide

ZAGREB, 15 May 2022 - Commenting for Hina on data on suicide attempts and suicides in children and young people, psychologist Andreja Bogdan has called for paying more attention to the problem, warning that Croatia lacks a comprehensive national programme for the prevention of suicide in children and young people. 

"Since 2013 there has been no comprehensive, nation-wide, evaluated programme for the prevention of suicide among children and young people, and the problem is mostly dealt with by individual nongovernmental organisations," Bogdan said when asked to comment on information that in 2021 seven children committed suicide and 63 attempted to commit suicide.

The Ministry of the Interior has confirmed that last year seven persons under the age of 18 committed suicide, which is less than in 2020, when there were 10 suicide cases in that age group, but more than in 2019, when six persons under 18 committed suicide.

The suicides committed by children and young people in 2021 accounted for 1.22% of the total number of suicides committed that year, in 2020 they accounted for 1.77% of all suicides that year and in 2019 for 1.06% of all suicides.

A ministry statistical report for 2018 shows that that year three children under 14 committed suicide while 15 attempted to commit suicide and that seven in the age group 15-18 committed suicide while 54 tried to commit it.

Bogdan notes that the official statistics on suicide may vary from the actual numbers because in some cases, such as an attempt to commit suicide with drugs, by poisoning or by using a car, it is difficult to determine intent so such a suicide or suicide attempt is registered as a car accident, poisoning, accidental fall, etc.

She notes that research shows that suicide is one of the leading causes of death from injuries in Croatia.

The psychologist notes that suicidal thoughts and attempts to commit suicide are more frequent at a young age than later in life.

"The rate of suicide attempts or suicides in young people is the highest in the age group 14-19, with males being more at risk both among children and adults," she says, noting that growing up in today's society is not simple and is accompanied by many challenges and questions important for children's personal identity.

On top of that, children are likely to act on impulse and seek excitement and are less aware of the consequences of their behaviour, Bogdan says.

Among the more important risk factors are parents' unemployment and low income, parents not having a close relationship with their children, low level of parental supervision and divorce, mental illnesses in parents, and early parental death.

Children who are victims of peer violence, cyberbullying, children suffering from depression and anxiety disorders, children who use drugs and children with behavioural issues are more at risk of developing suicidal thoughts and behaviour.

Bogdan, a former president of the Croatian Chamber of Psychologists, has objections to the way the policy of suicide prevention has been implemented in the past few years.

"There are individual events dedicated to the issue of suicide and expert training, but there is no clear, structured and continuous implementation of evaluated, scientifically based programmes," she says.

Since 2013 there has been no comprehensive, evaluated programme for the prevention of suicide in children and young people at the national level, and the problem of prevention is most often dealt with by nongovernmental organisations, she says, noting that children and young people lack sufficient information of who to contact for help when in distress.

The experience of work on hotlines for psychological support to children and adolescents, initiated by the Central State Demography and Youth Office shows that children and young people are not likely to talk about their problems or seek psychological help on the telephone, which underlines even more the need for educational institutions to have  mental health experts, Bogdan says.

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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Works by Salvador Dalí to be Exhibited in Opatija This Summer

ZAGREB, 15 May 2022 - After last year's exhibition of works by Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, this summer the Juraj Šporer Gallery in the northern Adriatic town of Opatija will display works by Salvador Dalí.

The exhibition will be staged in collaboration with the Opatija Festival and the OPL Art company and will be open from 6 June to 20 September. Admission will be HRK 100 (€13).

On display will be about a hundred lithographs, copperplate engravings and other graphic works from a private collection of a collector from Bonn, IPL Art director Iva Piglić announced earlier this week, adding that she could not reveal the collector's name because they wanted to remain anonymous.

Opatija Festival director Ernie Gigante Dešković said that these exhibits, being from a private collection, were rarely displayed and that this would be a rare opportunity to see them.

He said that the exhibition of works by Picasso and Miró was among the most visited exhibitions in Croatia last year and that they hoped to surpass that result with the Dalí exhibition.

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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Parliamentary Speaker Visits Istria Sausage Festival, Comments on Current Topics

ZAGREB, 15 May 2022 - Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković on Sunday visited an international sausage festival taking place in Sveti Petar u Šumi, describing it as an important event bringing together domestic enterprises and reflecting the synergy between the state, local government and the producers.

Devised as an event promoting the making and sale of traditional Croatian charcuterie products, the festival at Sveti Petar u Šumi sets an example of how to use the opportunities provided by EU membership and is proof that local government can be a successful partner to private businesses, said Jandroković.

"Istria is well known for its olive oil, wine and the restaurant and tourism industry, and the sausage festival is a new brand for the region which in many ways leads the way and sets an example, not only to other Croatian regions but to regions in other parts of Europe," Jandroković said.

On Milanović, abortion law

Answering reporters' questions, he declined to comment on President Zoran Milanović's proposal to make Finland and Sweden's accession to NATO conditional on the reform of Bosnia and Herzegovina's election law, saying that he found the sausage festival more important "than anything Milanović has to say on any topic."

Asked if the Constitution should be amended to state that the right to abortion is a constitutional right, which is a proposal to be put forward by opposition parties, Jandroković said that it was a topic causing deep divisions in Croatian society.

We don't need topics that cause divisions 

"Considering the current situation, the deep global crisis, the Russian aggression on Ukraine and serious announcements of a global recession, we do not need topics that cause divisions in society, we need to work on mutual respect, tolerance and diversity," said Jandroković.

He went on to say that one should put an end to discussions about the topic because "there is a law which is in line with the Constitution, and which, when compared to the laws of other EU countries, is somewhere in the middle, neither too liberal nor too restrictive."

It is not wise to try to score political points on this topic, which is what some political parties are doing, he added.

Commenting on announcements that Slovenia would make Croatia's entry to the Schengen area of passport-free travel conditional on the implementation of the border arbitration ruling, Jandroković said Croatia and Slovenia were so much oriented towards one another that neither country would benefit from any disputes.

"... I hope we will continue in the spirit of good neighbourly relations, taking care of our common interests. The present times are difficult, one needs to have friends, allies and partners instead of opening topics that divide us," he said.

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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Grlić Radman Asks For Additional US Engagement Regarding BiH Election Reform

ZAGREB, 15 May 2022 - Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlić Radman on Sunday asked at a meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken for additional US engagement on the election reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, warning that otherwise radicalisation was possible in the country.

"I told the US Secretary of State that we are very much concerned about the missed chance to amend the BiH election law. I also warned of possible radicalisation of the situation after the elections," Grlić Radman told reporters.

He added that he had asked Blinken that the US enhance its presence and help ensure agreement between local Bosniak and Croat leaders on rules for general elections to be held in October.

The two officials were attending an informal meeting of the foreign ministers of NATO member-countries which again supported Ukraine in the fight against the Russian aggression.

"All the ministers reiterated their solidarity and expressed readiness for stronger engagement, not only by individual countries but by NATO as a whole," said the Croatian minister.

He stressed that NATO was not a party to the conflict but that it supported Ukraine's "just and defensive war."

At a meeting with NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană, Grlić Radman guaranteed full support to Finland and Sweden's bid to join NATO.

"We discussed also the pace of the procedure and I believe the issue could be resolved before the NATO summit to be held in Madrid in June," Grlić Radman said.

He repeated that he believed the doubts Turkey has expressed regarding the accession of Finland and Sweden would soon be removed through talks.

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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Zagreb Book Festival to be Held on 23-28 May

ZAGREB, 15 May 2022 - This year's Zagreb Book Festival, to be held on 23-28 May, will focus on the human attitude towards the environment.

The international festival will feature some 20 events to be attended by about 40 authors from Croatia and abroad, and admission to the events, to take place at the Ritam Grada club, Ljevak bookstore, Hotel Dubrovnik and Bogdan Ogrizović library in downtown Zagreb, is free.

The panel discussions to be held as part of the festival will focus on climate change, ecofeminism, conspiracy theories and information overload.

Among the authors who will present their works are Belgian-Moroccan writer Rachida Lamrabet, Dutch writer Eva Meijer, Icelandic writer and director Andri Snaer Magnason as well as Croatian authors Tena Štivičić, Đorđe Matić, Ivana Bašić, Mirna Brođanac, Tanja Radović and Dalibor Šimpraga.

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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Few 20th Century Statesmen Measure up to Tuđman, Says Plenković

ZAGREB, 15 May 2022 - HDZ party leader and Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Saturday, on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of Croatia's first president Franjo Tuđman, that few 20th century statesmen can measure up to Tuđman in terms of their historical importance for their own nation.

Tuđman's political legacy democracy, freedom and state

Speaking at a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of Tuđman's birth at Zagreb's "Vatroslav Lisinski" concert hall, Plenković said that a free and sovereign Croatia was Tuđman's life's work.

Tuđman's political legacy is what we live today - democracy, freedom and an own state, Plenković said, adding that Croatia's first president believed that people of different worldviews could give a valuable contribution to the accomplishment of Croatian national interests.

He advocated reconciliation of the Croatian people and the unity of Croatians living in Croatia and the expatriate community, and those are the beliefs he built the HDZ on, said Plenković.

"Because of all of that we can freely say that few 20th century statesmen can measure up to him in terms of their historical importance for their own nation," Plenković said.

Today's HDZ has been advocating for six years now Christian Democratic, people's, patriotic and universal humanist values, which are the values Croatians rallied around under Tuđman's leadership, he said.

"His legacy is the foundation of both the home and the foreign policy of today's Croatia, which has a strong pro-European orientation and feeling of belonging to Central and Mediterranean Europe," Plenković said.

Speaking of those who "in the past 20 years have worked on the so-called de-Tuđmanisation, trying to downplay Tuđman's accomplishments and political legacy," Plenković said that they had not succeeded and would not succeed.

The commemoration in a packed Vatroslav Lisinski hall was also addressed by former parliament speaker Vladimir Šeks, who said that those who doubted that the HDZ was continuing Tuđman's policy should look at the gathering to see for themselves what Tuđman meant and still means to the HDZ.

Attending the commemoration were members and leadership of the HDZ, the HDZ government ministers as well as former ministers and party officials -  Ljubo Ćesić Rojs, Martina Dalić, Tomislav Ćorić, Josip Aladrović, Milan Kujundžić, Lovro Kuščević, and former HDZ leader Tomislav Karamarko.

Also present were a delegation of the HDZ BiH party, led by Dragan Čović, the president of the Croatian National Council (HNV) in Serbia, Jasna Vojnić, Serbian MP Tomislav Žigmanov, Montenegrin minister Adrijan Vuksanović, and some members of the Tuđman family.

War Veterans Minister Tomo Medved recalled the successful military and police liberation operations of the 1991-95 Homeland War, the crown of which was Operation Storm, saying that Tuđman was a superior military strategist.

Jandroković: It is a perfidious lie that HDZ and Croatia were created by UDBA

Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković said that as the main champions of change and transformation, Tuđman and the HDZ had been constantly under attack by external and internal factors.

"Defamation has been going on the whole time. I heard the other day a perfidious lie, that the HDZ and Croatia were created by UDBA (former Yugoslav security service)," Jandroković said.

UDBA worked and killed for Communist Yugoslavia and Croatia was created by true patriots, defenders, and ordinary people for whom Croatia was above any ideology, said Jandroković.

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