Paradox Boss Sees Split As New Barcelona

By 19 January 2015

It's always good to have an opportunity to welcome new player in the blogging family, the latest one is Wine Time Experience, based in Zagreb, and dedicated - as expected - to wines. And who else would be better interview guest but our friend from the Paradox Hospitality Zoran Pejović.

"Split might be Barcelona of Adriatic," says Zoran, while presenting his small wine & dine Split empire started with wine and cheese bar Paradox. His arguments are simple:

"Split has the biggest potential among all Croatian cities, and possibly even beyond. I love Dubrovnik, but Split has it all: music, culture, history, cuisine, wine, location, big port, etc."

Explaining Paradox' success, Zoran says that this venue brought new trends in city's social life, with unique selection of wines by glass, and educated staff.

Read full interview here, if you speak Croatian. Hopefully it will be translated soon.