Where is the Best Ice Cream in Town?

By 1 September 2015

They say, Dalmatia has one of the best ice creams in the world and coming to Croatia and not tasting the ice cream is like not being there at all. Well, this young man from Poland - Luka Klimczak was not so sure after visiting Split few years ago and after searching the whole Split for the best ice cream, he decided to move to Split and open his ice cream shop as he was convinced he could offer the best ice cream in town.


(photo: Ante Čizmić / CROPIX)

It was the Total Split´s favourite ice cream place last year and it is growing fast - with 10 employees, the cake and ice cream production will be moved soon as it got too big for the current small kitchen. Slobodna Dalmacija published a large article about Luka Ice Cream and Cakes few days ago, so we are sure even more people will head the ice cream and the business will thrive.
(photo: Ante Čizmić / CROPIX)
The business opened last year and it is a huge success with people waiting in lines for more than 20 minutes to have a taste. There are many unusual flavours, because Luka wanted to use local ingredients, always fresh from the market and so there is a lavender flavour, carrot-orange flavour, figs, watermelon, prošek and others. The daily offer varies depending on the available ingredients, so actually, you never know which one you will be able to try once you get to the ice-cream window after those 20 minutes.
(photo: Ante Čizmić / CROPIX)
There are even vegan and gluten free options (not sure about the sugar free ones) and you can choose from a variety of home made cakes, which are also very popular.
The Luka, ice-cream and cakes shop is very popular on social network with people all over the world recommending the place and some even saying it is the best ice cream in the world.
Do you agree? Have you tried one yet? How was it?

Read the full article from Slobodna Dalmacija here.