Creme de la Creme: Where Passion Meets Summer Cakes

Summer is here and can be felt in Split by the scorching sun and rising temperatures, but best of all it can also be tasted in the fresh seasonal produce including all of my favorite fruits. Of course, my sweet tooth speaks for me and will tell you there’s no better way to taste summer fruits than in delicious desserts because as long as there’s fruit it’s still healthy right?




Well that’s certainly what my sneaky sweet tooth forced me to believe the other day as I went on a dessert rampage around town, which not only started, but also ended at none other than Creme de la Creme. This well known patisserie has always been famous for their classic cheesecake even during a time when you couldn’t find it anywhere else and many Croats believed it was a cake made of cheese and wouldn’t touch the stuff. As a culinary challenged American it’s one of the only cakes I know how to make so one day last week I decided to search for something above my own set of kitchen skills, which is never hard to find. 



As I stepped into the beautifully decorated cafe and cake shop I scanned the glass case and my eye quickly passed over the rich chocolate options for the lighter fruity choices. The classic fruit tart was the most eye catching and the tart shell filled with light lemon cream topped with fresh seasonal fruit is always the perfect summer combination. However, my wandering eye and insatiable sweet tooth didn’t stop there and continued to scan the fruity selections before I even finished my first slice.  




And then all of the sudden there it was, a match made in pastry heaven sat staring back at me from behind the glass and with just one bite I knew I’d met my sweet tooth soul mate. This unassuming slice of perfection on a plate is the Passion Mojito Cake with white chocolate crumble, passion fruit cream, lime and mint mojito mousse and is complete with coconut sponge on the bottom. All of my favorite flavors together at last!  



Although my body left Creme de la Creme that morning my mind never did and it kept taking me back there throughout the day and eventually so did my feet. Just a few hours later I found myself seated on the sunny outside terrace with another slice passion mojito paradise staring back at me from my plate. It all happened so fast and my intention was to share this piece with a friend, but it turns out that what they say about good intentions is true and the road to health hell is paved with them!



While most people might be embarrassed to admit to devouring three cakes in one day, I’m clearly not one of them and instead I’m intent on spreading the word about yet another dangerous dessert dealer in Split and my new sweet obsession way above my skill set that can only be found at Creme de la Creme. The name says it all and they are truly the best of the best in my book!



So if you find yourself in Split this summer be sure to stop in to this passionate patisserie for your slice of summer cake heaven and if you’re a mojito lover like myself than why limit yourself to just sipping them when you can have your cocktail as a cake and eat it too?


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