Top Wine Bars In Split

By 20 February 2015

Dalmatia is one of the main wine regions in Croatia, no need to waste time in proving that fact. Still, until few years ago better wines offer in Split was limited on few upscale restaurants. Same as Split changed into a Croatian tourism champion, so city wine scene changed, too. First, more restaurants opened around the old town and in other parts of the city, with excellent wine selections. It's easy to point out the most obvious examples: NoStress, Paradigma, Kadena, Zrno soli, Dvor, Re di mare, Brasserie on 7, Boban, restaurants in high-class hotels like Le Meridien Lav and Radisson Blu, the latest addition Hotel Split, and many, many more. Even more important reason, however, is opening of several excellent wine bars. Unfortunately, some also closed down, or changed their profiles. Here is the list of our favourites, in no particular order.

Zinfandel Food & Wine Bar

We wrote so much about this place that it's really hard to add anything new. It has central position, really good and innovative food and above all great selection of wines. After all, place was named after the wine, and not just any wine, but in honour of Dalmatian roots of Zinfandel. You can order wine by bottles or by glass, and prices are fairly reasonable for the quality Zinfandel offers. Also, good place to meet Split expats.

Wine & Cheese Bar Paradox

Maybe the best profiled wine bar in Split, another regular guest on Total Split. With its sister restaurant Paradigma, it's a must-go place for any wine aficionado. Even if you are beginner in wine tasting, don't worry, great stuff will teach you all you need to know. No need to mention that you can order almost anything by glass.

Uje Oil Bar

Yes, it has oil in its name, but don't worry, there is plenty of wine pouring there. Parts of the same establishment are two neighbouring venues, Uje Wine Bar and Uje Pikulece. Nice location, excellent food carefully paired with wines, and don't forget - do some olive oil tasting there. Also, the fourth place in the same street is coming soon - Uje Living Room.

Bokeria Kitchen & Wine

Bokeria is one of major stars of the new culinary wave in Split. It's been named after market Boccheria in Barcelona, and follows same simple philosophy like restaurants there - the only criteria is fresh and tasty food. Of course, wine is not forgotten. It has nice selection, with its foundation in Croatian wines.

Diocletian's Wine House

This is very cozy, carefuly decorated (maybe even too decorated, to be honest) place with excellent location, and nice food. They are advertising with having more than 100 wine labels, worth of checking. There is also something else: place is named after emperor Diocletian, inside his palace, but close to a spot where the last Western Roman emperor Julius Nepos was killed. Who can beat such story?

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