Ultra Europe Accommodation: Survival Guide

By 23 February 2015

As we all know, Ultra Europe is by far the main event of the summer season in and around Split, with tens of thousands of partygoers literally invading every available bed or room. On the other side of this story, there are lenders and the whole hospitality industry seeing Ultra as the source of significant income. Unfortunately, those two sides usually clash, and accommodation became one of the biggest issues of the festival. How to survive it in Split, especially when we know that Ultra Europe 2015 will be a week long event, including parts in Hvar, Vis and island Brač?

First, let's talk about infrastructure. Split has a chronic lack of hotels, except smaller and boutique class. There are some bigger resorts, too, but of higher class, like Radisson Blu and Le Meridien Lav. Another choice is hostels. In the last few years they are booming in Split, mostly because of Ultra and city's opening toward younger people as the main market. Those available are ranging from bunk-bedding joints, to great looking design hostels like Golly&Bossy. Next, there is camping. Besides official Ultra Europe camping in Seget and Omiš, there is only one camp site close to Split, the one in Stobreč only few kilometres from Split.

The biggest category is private rooms and apartments, probably the most popular among Ultranauts. Their owners and lenders sometime can be a little bit too ambitious with pricing, if we want to put in a polite way. In short - be careful for ripping off, meaning use reliable rental channels and check for reviews.

Now we came to another dimension of the issue, how to find an accommodation. Ultra Europe has very good official channel, called Travel2Ultra, designed not only to help visitors find an accommodation, but also tickets, travel arrangements, packages, etc. Have in mind that none of sites like this one is a charity organization, it's strictly business operation. Therefore, don't expect to find really low prices anywhere, but it's always good to have a feeling that there is someone responsible for all possible problems.

Other means of accommodating include usual and safe options like Booking.com and AirBnB. As you might have noticed, links we included are with search results for 4 nights, July 9 to 13, for one person. Two facts are more than visible - beds are selling fast, and prices are going up. So, better hurry, before it becomes ridiculous.

Another option is to find a place to stay via some agency; it's hard to expect that there will be any which will not have some Ultra packages. Finally, you can always go to the basic and just drop into Split, and take whatever you find at the spot, like following those ladies holding "rooms" signs around the main bus or train station. Be careful with that. And for those the most adventurous, there are always city parks and beaches.


Last but not least, which part of Split to choose when accommodating? Total Split had a series of blogs about that; here is the link of the last one, with links to previous at the end. Everything you need to know about different neighbourhoods is there.