Croatian Rental Law in 2013: A Useful Guide

By 8 March 2013

In December 2003, I took my future wife to England for the first time. We visited the usual impressive places - London, Cambridge, Oxford, York, the boarding school were I was beaten as a child - but the best part of the trip for me was Boxing Day at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield in the pouring rain. I could tell from her dubious outlook that The Boss did not feel the same, but the chap we met inside - dodgy hairstyle and cheap leather jacket apart - was the man who launched my real estate career in Croatia.

If you bought property in Croatia during the boom, you will have heard of Martin Westby. He was the man who put together the early Bible - How to Buy Property in Croatia. It was an essential tool in the jungle of 2004 Croatian property buying, and his informative newsletters to several thousand subscribers became must-read Croatian tourism information. 

Martin is back with a new, throroughly-researched and informative book to answer the questions people are asking in 2013 about Croatian property - the thorny issue of rental law, licences and the EU. Included in his new sure-to-be bestseller with the catchy title:

The 2013 Guide to Renting in Croatia - The Legal and Tax implications of letting your Croatian property

The 64 page guide covers:

The Basics. The necessary elements that an owner will need to have in place and understand; whether you are renting under 2013 rules or post EU harmonisation.
Categorisation and the Rental Licence
The new Property Tax
Do I even need a licence? Alternatives to applying for a Rental Licence.
Taxation Issues
Current rules for applying for a Rental Licence (2013)
Post EU law harmonisation -Applying for a Rental Licence (2014)

To get more information and order your copy, visit Martin's website.