Monday, 15 August 2022

Archbishop of Zagreb Calls for Defending Family

ZAGREB, 15 August, 2022 - The Archbishop of Zagreb, Cardinal Josip Bozanić, said on Monday the Christian vision of existence was in jeopardy and called for defending the family as society's greatest good.

Celebrating Assumption Day mass at the Marija Bistrica national Marian shrine, he said the Assumption of Mary was deeply rooted among Croatia's believers and that the Christian vision of existence "is in jeopardy and under attack from ideologies whose intention is to condition society and the human person."

Bozanić said that last month in Canada, Pope Francis pointed to the danger of ideological colonisation which was contrary to life's reality and which tried to eradicate tradition, history, and religious ties.

"In other countries, speaking of the family's beauties, Pope Francis called on us to resist theories which try to impose so-called other forms of family and a different way of looking at man, considering that his original diversity manifests him as man or woman. As Pope Francis says, a war is being waged not with weapons but with ideological colonisation which wants to destroy marriage and the family," the cardinal said.

Today's celebration calls on us to be a society open to children, he said, adding that there are positive initiatives on that front, but also "arrogant and inhuman decisions and actions by those who belittle children's real needs and don't protect human life from conception to natural death."

Bozanić called for praying in particular for expecting parents as well as for peace in war-torn Ukraine.

Minister talks inflation, energy supply

The service was attended by War Veterans Minister Tomo Medved, who, commenting on inflation and energy supply difficulties, told the press the government was dealing with those challenges successfully, as it had with the pandemic.

"The government recognises those risks and the challenges we are facing or will face, and we are running the state responsibly," he added.

The Assumption of Mary is a public holiday when believers across Croatia visit Marian shrines.

Monday, 15 August 2022

Low Water Levels Limit River Navigation

ZAGREB, 15 August, 2022 - The general director of the Hrvatske Vode water management company, Zoran Đuroković, has warned about river navigation restrictions due to a long drought that has brought water levels close to historical minimums.

Low water levels impact river navigation, groundwater tributaries, and fish stocks, but there are no major problems for now, he told RTL television on Sunday.

River water levels across Croatia are extremely low, but mostly some 40 cm above record minimums.

The level of the Sava in Zagreb is -298 cm, 40 cm above the historical minimum recorded in 1993 (-338 cm).

The situation is similar with the Danube and the Kupa, but the situation is most serious in Osijek, where the Drava is a mere 15 cm above the record minimum level, Đuroković said.

One should add to that the increase in river temperatures, but the situation in Croatia "is good in relation to other parts of Europe, he added.

Đuroković does not expect something alarming to happen in Croatia due to the low river water levels despite forecasts of new heat waves with minimum precipitations.

"We can expect to come close to historically minimum levels, but the damage in Croatia will be minimal. We don't use large quantities of water for irrigation, which would additionally burden rivers, as it is with the river Po in Italy," he said.

Monday, 15 August 2022

Croatia's Matea Parlov Koštro Wins Silver in Women's Marathon in Munich

ZAGREB, 15 August, 2022 - Croatian long-distance runner Matea Parlov Koštro on Monday won the silver medal in the women's marathon at the 2022 European Championships taking place in Munich.

She finished with a time of 2:28.42, six seconds behind winner Aleksandra Lisowska of Poland. Third place was shared by Nienka Brinkman of the Netherlands and Miriam Dattke of Germany (2:28.52).

This is Croatia's first marathon medal in a big competition.

Monday, 15 August 2022

Government will Intervene with Energy Crisis Measures as Needed, PM says

ZAGREB, 15 August, 2022 - Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Monday the government had not adopted energy crisis measures yet and that it would consider the situation and intervene if needed after its summer break, adding that revenue from fiscalised receipts and the tourist season was cause for optimism.

Despite all the circumstances, we have a great tourist season, he told the press in Rijeka after attending the Assumption of Mary mass at the Shrine of Trsat.

Revenue is great, as is fiscalisation, which is higher than last year, which is a signal for optimism, GDP growth, and the possibility for the government to act in situations caused by external factors, Plenković said.

Croatia has logged 12.7 million tourist arrivals and 70 million nights this year, or 90% and 96% of the figures logged in the record year 2019, he said, adding that the central bank's estimates revenue from foreign tourists will exceed that of 2019.

Plenković said that over the last six years, his cabinet had always intervened to the benefit of citizens, businesses, and those most vulnerable.

The prime minister said he did not think Zdravko Marić resigned as finance minister last month due to an indictment filed this week against businessmen Mirko and Blaž Pavičić, on whose yacht Marić spent part of the summer last year, for tax evasion totalling HRK 2.7 million (€360,000).

Asked was the timing of the indictment not unusual, Plenković said he did not know and that he had not heard of the two accused until last summer.

Marić said last summer the yacht was owned by the family of his friend Blaž Pavić but dismissed suspicions of a conflict of interest. He added that during his term as minister, Pavić's family did not have its tax debt written off nor benefits or a loan from the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Speaking of the fire-fighting season, he said the year had been tough due to more than 7,000 wildfires, as against 4,000 last year. The year has been extremely dry with lots of wind, and it's necessary to establish if some fires were arson, he added.

Croatia has five working Canadairs and four air tractors, he said, adding there were problems with the procurement of another two Canadairs because the manufacturer suspended production.

Speaking of the situation at the ZTC centre for aircraft repair and maintenance, Plenković said those who worked for another employer while on sick leave at the ZTC would no longer work at the centre.

Asked why Paxlovid was not being ordered for COVID patients, he said Croatia had eight drugs that had been procured, approved and were given to patients. The health minister will say if that drug has passed European, Croatian and procurement procedures, he added.

Speaking of the war in Ukraine and droughts in Croatia, Plenković said they would have their impact but that it would pass. The water situation has been problematic only in Istria County, but there have been no problems with energy, he added.

He said the Okoli gas storage facility was being filled as planned, and called on citizens to comply with savings recommendations.

Monday, 15 August 2022

1,775 Applications Filed for Civilian Homeland War Victim Status

ZAGREB, 15 August, 2022 - In the year since the law on civilian Homeland War victims came into force, 1,775 applications have been filed for obtaining the status and entitlements of civilian victims, of which 596 have been processed, Večernji List said on Monday.

Civilian victims got a law that treats them more justly after 25 years of fighting for the recognition of their suffering in the 1991-95 Homeland War, the paper said. Until last year, their rights were regulated under a law from 1974 which, despite having been amended 12 times, did not cover all civilian war victims, and the rights were not tailored to Homeland War victims.

The law on civilian Homeland War victims went into force on 31 July 2021, expanding the rights of existing victims and allowing those who had not been able to exercise them to do so.

When the law was passed, it was estimated that 2,500 applications would be filed. One key aspect is that it eliminated the assets test for obtaining the status of civilian Homeland War victim, allowing the use of family disability allowance for family members who until then could not do so because of pensions, employment, or age.

Under this law, civilian victims will not exercise the right to a pension but solely to family disability allowance, which will compensate widows and parents who lost adult as well as underage children, of whom there are about 400, Julijana Rosandić, president of the association of civilian victims, told the daily.

Monday, 15 August 2022

Croatia Logs 65 New COVID Cases, 12 Deaths

ZAGREB, 15 August, 2022 - In the last 24 hours, 65 coronavirus cases, out of 653 tests, and 12 related deaths have been registered in Croatia, the national COVID-19 crisis management team said on Monday.

There are 6,793 active cases, including 621 hospitalised patients, 25 of whom are on ventilators, while 3,662 persons are self-isolating.

Croatia has registered 1,200,807 coronavirus cases to date and the death toll has reached 16,508.

Monday, 15 August 2022

Two Croatian MIG-21s Intercept Civilian Plane

ZAGREB, 15 August, 2022 - Two Croatian Air Force MIG-21s, which are part of NATO's integrated air defence system, intercepted in southern Croatia between 11 am and noon on Monday a civilian plane that had entered Croatia's air space, the Defence Ministry said.

The passenger plane was a US-registered Beechcraft 35-B33 which took off in Greece to Slovenia, the ministry said, adding that flight control was unable to establish radio contact with it.

Following a command from NATO's Combined Air Operations Centre in Torrejon, Spain, the two Croatian MIG-21s took off to intercept and identify the plane.

After the Croatian pilots saw that it was a civilian plane, the MIG-21s returned to base in Zagreb.

When contact was made with the plane, it was established that avionics had failed, and the plane continued towards Slovenia as planned.

The interception was conducted in line with NATO rules and procedures, the ministry said, adding that its success confirmed the capability of Croatia's airspace control and protection system as well as the advantages of participating in NATO's integrated air defence system.

Monday, 15 August 2022

SuperSport HNL Round 5: Dinamo Shocks Hajduk, Rijeka Drops to 9th, Bjelica on Way Out

August 15, 2022 - The SuperSport HNL 5th round was held last weekend, bringing some surprising results - especially amongst the traditionally top clubs. And we're not only talking about the Eternal Derby. A look at the SuperSport HNL round 5. 

Sibenik v Istra 1961 (0:0)

The 5th round opened on Friday, August 12, 2022, at Stadion Šubićevac in front of 1296 fans. 

This match wasn't too exciting to watch, as it finished without goals. Sibenik had eight shots compared to Istra's 9, while Sibenik held 44% possession to Istra's 56%. Sibenik committed 17 fouls to Istra's 7. 


Sibenik is currently in 5th place with 6 points, while Istra is in last place with 6 points. 

Gorica v. Lokomotiva (3:2)

Gorica and Lokomotiva played the next match on Saturday, August 13, 2022, at Radnik Stadium in Velika Gorica.

A bit more exciting than Friday's game, Vasij put Lokomotiva ahead for 0:1 in the 9th minute, which was the result at the half. Kalik equalized for 1:1 in the 60th minute before Fruk made it 2:1 six minutes later. Da Cruz made it 3:1 for Gorica in the 79th. Five minutes later, Tuci scored for the final 3:2. 


Gorica is currently in 6th place with 5 points and one game in hand, while Lokomotiva is in 4th with 6. 

Dinamo v. Hajduk (4:1)

Dinamo and Hajduk met for their first big derby of the season on Saturday, August 13, 2022, at Maksimir Stadium. Fourteen thousand three hundred one fans were in attendance. 

After continuous pressure from Dinamo in the first half, Hajduk went ahead thanks to Livaja and Atanasov, who scored in the 2nd minute of stoppage time for 0:1 Hajduk. And then things went downhill for the Split club, especially after coach Valdas went in with fresh legs in the defense. Dinamo was up 2:1 with goals by Baturina and Ademi in the 61st and 64th minutes. Gojak made it 3:1 in the 84th minute, and Orsic 4:1 in the 90+1'. 


Dinamo sits in 1st place with 13 points, while Hajduk sits in 3rd with 8 points but two games in hand. 

Osijek v. Varazdin (2:2)

Osijek and Varazdin met at City Garden Stadium on Sunday, August 14, 2022.

After a scoreless first half, Jugovic made it 1:0 for Osijek in the 57th minute and Brodic 1:1 eight minutes later. Beljo put Osijek back ahead in the 77th minute for 2:1, and Peric made it 2:2 in the 81st. 

Will Osijek coach Nenad Bjelica finally get sacked? With unimpressive results round after round, his sacking seems inevitable. Croatian media reported on Monday morning that Nenad Bjelica would sit down with the president of Osijek, Ferenc Sakalje, to negotiate the best option for parting ways. 


Osijek is currently in 7th place with 5 points, while Varazdin is in 8th with 5. 

Rijeka v. Slaven Belupo (0:1)

Rijeka and Belupo closed the 5th round on Sunday, August 14, 2022, at Rujevica Stadium.

After a scoreless first half, Crnac scored for Belupo in the 70th minute, giving Belupo a massive three away points and pushing Rijeka to the bottom of the HNL table in second to last place. 


Rijeka is currently in 9th place with 4 points and one game in hand, while Belupo is in 2nd place with 8 points. 

You can see the HNL standings here

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Monday, 15 August 2022

Split-Dalmatia County Coastguard Gets New Vessel - Sveti Jeronim

August the 15th, 2022 - Sveti Jeronim is now taking to the sparkling and currently tourist-filled waters of Split-Dalmatia County, and the vessel is part of an enormous 186 million kuna wider project. Each single kuna of that eye-watering figure spent on the new boat is worth it, however, to keep this part of the Central Dalmatian coastline safe and secure.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the leaders of Split-Dalmatia County's local government unit and the More and Karst public institution recently presented a new vessel, Sveti Jeronim, from the wider project of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development entitled "The development of the framework for the management of the Natura 2000 ecological network".

The aforementioned vessel will sail under the name Sveti Jeronim, and it has exceptional maritime capabilities with the possibility of a sailing length of almost 30 miles. Split-Dalmatia County occupies the largest area of all of the Croatian Adriatic coastline and which welcomes countless tourists from across the world each and ever year.

This part of Central Dalmatia will be served by the new vessel for the supervision and protection of the coast and the many islands which are dotted throughout the territory, but also for the preparation of anchorage studies and for the purpose of protecting the abundance of natural resources of these coastal Croatian areas.

"We managed to get the fastest and best vessel possible, but we should also keep in mind that our maritime area is by far the largest, almost one third of our part of the Croatian Adriatic coast belongs to Split-Dalmatia County," said prefect Blazenko Boban.

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Monday, 15 August 2022

FT Park - City of Zagreb to Get Brand New Shopping Outlet in 2023

August the 15th, 2022 - The up and coming FT Park is set to boost the bustling Croatian capital city's shopping centre offer, with ambitious plans to have it completed and see it open its highly anticipated doors to shoppers by the end of next year.

If there is one thing that people tend to complain about when it comes to the increasingly popular Croatian capital city, it's the lack of large shopping centres. While the city absolutely has many shops, as well as the likes of Avenue Mall and the Arena Centre, which boast an array of shops, large areas such as IKEA and the nearby shopping centre with interesting architecture in Rugvica are a fair drive outside of the city's core.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the brand new FT Park is set to be built in Zagreb, adding a new touch to the city's overall shopping offer and experience with a modern-looking retail park, an attractive centre whose main advantage is the possibility of presenting customers with the best offer of home furnishing items all in one place. IKEA will seemingly no longer be the proverbial ''place of worship'' for all those looking to re-decorate their own homes, and furnish any properties they have down on the coast for renting out to tourists during the hot summer months.

In this modernly designed park, there will be a large Fero-Term showroom, along with tenant sales centres and a number of accompanying family facilities to keep children entertained while their parents shop.

The total area of the land on which Zagreb's new FT Park is being constructed spans 33,000 m2 in total, while the area of the retail park will cover 10,000 m2.

In addition to the Fero-Term sales hall, which will cover approximately 2,000 m2, another 8,000 m2 of sales and exhibition space will be made available in FT Park, offering companies spatial units ranging in size from 500 to 2,000 m2. There will also be a large car park in front of the centre for FT Park's visitors and shoppers.

The estimated opening time of FT Park is the end of 2023, according to the official website.

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