1715 Battle of Sinj Reenactment: A Summer Treat for Sinj Town (PHOTOS)

By 16 August 2021
1715 Battle of Sinj Reenactment: A Summer Treat for Sinj Town (PHOTOS)
Zeljko Zrncic

August 16, 2021 - The 1715 Battle of Sinj reenactment was successfully held in the center of Sinj!

In memory of the glorious defense of Sinj from the Ottoman invasion, the 1715 Battle of Sinj and the events that preceded it were staged this year as well. The Sinj Tourist Board organized the play with the support of the City of Sinj and Split-Dalmatia County and in cooperation with the Shrine of Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj, the Alkar Knights Society, and KU Marko Marulić.

The plot of the play took place in two acts. The first act began at the Market Square, King Tomislav Square, where the Ottoman conquest of the town of Sinj, the burning of the church, and the enslavement of the regiment were staged. A handful of defenders with the image of the Mother of God took refuge in the Sinj Fortress, the easy conquest of which was announced by the arrogant Mustafa-pasha Celic, who triumphantly passed in a carriage with his entourage. This year, the play was enriched by the performance of the Brodosplit City Choir under the direction of maestro Vlado Sunko and excellent lighting and sound effects.

In the second act, which took place this year in the original ambiance of Alkarski dvori, the Defense Council decided to defend its city despite a more numerous and superior enemy. With the help of Our Lady, the Ottomans were eventually defeated, and the threat of the enemy removed. Led by Fr. Pavle Vučković, embodied by Fr. Hrvatin Gabrijel Jurišić, joyful and grateful believers have since celebrated their Protector with even greater zeal.

The 1715 Battle of Sinj is a unique stage spectacle that, with its originality and drama, instantly transports the spectators to the year of the glorious victory that determined the future of the city. The author of the dramatic template is prof. Velimir Borkovic. The play was realized in collaboration with the Shrine of Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj and the Alkar Knights Society. About a hundred participants contributed to its successful performance this year as well.

The main characters are Fr. Hrvatin Gabrijel Jurišić, Marko Duvnjak, Bruno Barać, Marijan Grbavac, Damir Žane Alebić, Saša Miletić, Bobo Delonga, Dijana Ivić Kundid, Bože Pavić, Sanja Gojun Vučković, Vedrana Vrgoč, Mirjana Živalj, Anđelka Vučković, Marija Mandac, Dino Vukovic, Dubravka Vukovic, Dusan Roguljic and Marko Jelincic. In addition to amateur theater actors, members of the historical unit of the Kliški Uskoks, the Veterans' Cooperative Patriot, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, the Association of Rera and Gusle from Otok, the Association for the Preservation of the Heritage of the Cetina Region, Sinjski Ferali and Marko Vuković, and Alkar Stable horses led by Mr. Andrija Ribičić. Branka Marinović and Vesna Bader took care of the staging and costumes. The director of the play is the prominent theater, television, and film actor Robert Kurbaša. The assistant director is Bruno Barać, and the playwright and producer are Luka Perković.

This year's performance is also dedicated to all Croatian veterans and those who helped make the show happen but are no longer with us.

"We truly thank all employees and members of VAD, the Monastery of Our Lady of Sinj, Cetina Region Čistoća - Sinj, KUS - Sinj, Kamička dd, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Sinj, members of the Veterans Cooperative Patriot, the historical unit Kliški uskoki, Association Gusle from Otok, the Association for the Preservation of the Heritage of the Cetina Region, the Sinjski Ferali Association, the Sinj branch of the Red Cross, the SRMA Association, KGK Alkar 1968, KU Marko Marulić, Ms. Vesna Bader and Branka Marinović for scenography and props, staff and restaurant owner Alkarski dvori, Sinj communal wardens, students, employees of TIC and all those who selflessly helped the successful realization of this stage spectacle. Furthermore, special thanks go to Mr. Vlado Sunko and Brodosplit, who, with this year's performance of the famous cantata to Our Lady of Sinj, magnified this play and thus gave it a new dimension in a unique way. Furthermore, the media and the audience who, despite pandemic conditions, participated successfully and patiently in the implementation of all recommended measures of the Civil Protection Headquarters as well as the NZJZ to preserve health, as well as our students (TIC staff) who took care of it," said the Sinj Tourist Board. 

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