PHOTOS: Eco Action to Clean Illegal Landfills on Our Lady of Sinj Trail

By 28 February 2021
PHOTOS: Eco Action to Clean Illegal Landfills on Our Lady of Sinj Trail
Monika Vrgoc

February 28, 2021 - The Sinj Tourist Board helped organized a weekend eco-action to clean up the illegal landfills on the Our Lady of Sinj trail! 

Organized by the City of Sinj, the Sinj Tourist Board, and members of BK Vlaji, PD Svilaja, NOPD Koćari, HGSS station Split, Adventure Sports Club Cetina adventure, PD Sv. Jakov Bitelić and in cooperation with Čistoća Cetinska Krajina, Hrvatske ceste Split, and the support of the Split-Dalmatia County, an ecological action of cleaning illegal landfills on part of the Our Lady of Sinj Trail in the area of Kukuzovac was successfully carried out.


A second ecological action was held after cleaning and arranging 14 illegal landfills in the area of Hrvace and Sinj in the town of Zelovo. 

Namely, Saturday's environmental action cleaned up illegal landfills located on the Our Lady of Sinj Trail in the area of Sinj (Kukuzovac). Recall that the Our Lady of Sinj project (completed in 2015) arranged a 148 km long pilgrimage path that connects the Marian shrines from Solin to Our Lady of Sinj and further towards the shrine on Šćit (Prozor - Rama in BiH).



Unfortunately, parts of the trail have been devastated as well as the accompanying infrastructure. Therefore, last year, Split-Dalmatia County initiated a project to revitalize the Our Lady of Sinj trail to repair the destroyed infrastructure and develop and implement a marketing plan. The revitalization project will soon be implemented in stages.


Respecting all valid epidemiological measures, this action was attended by numerous volunteers and nature lovers, members of local mountaineering associations: PD Svilaja, NOPD Koćari, PD Sv. Jakov, members of the Cycling Club Vlaji - Sinj, the Adventure Sports Club Cetina adventure, and several pilgrims from Split who regularly make pilgrimages along the Our Lady of Sinj trail. The action was attended by members of HGSS stations Split, Čistoća Cetinska Krajina, and County Roads Split, without whose employees and mechanization, this action would not be feasible.

This action and the previous one certainly want to contribute to the development of environmental awareness and appeal to responsibility for Sinj's natural and cultural heritage.

The organizers thank everyone who selflessly took their time and helped in this environmental action.

All photos by Monika Vrgoc

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