Little Town Otok near Sinj Pays Bachelors to Get Married

By 5 January 2016
Making a decision to get married might not be the easiest one, for sure. People are not so keen to get married very young and even if in the "right age", they seem to be less interested in marriage. In Otok near Sinj, the local authorities decided to stimulate people to get married by paying them a one-time financial incentive.
According to Radio Dalmacija, Otok near Sinj is full of eligible bachelors. More than 400 of them are still not married and it seems they are not planing to get married any time soon.

The Mayor of Otok, Branko Samardžić sais: "If we would know the real reason, we would solve it. I believe we are not the only one with this kind of problem, many are struggling with the very same issue."

To inspire the bachelors of Otok to start a family, the municipality has decided to stimulate them. The offer is valid from January 1, 2016 and for each new marriage, the municipality offers 5.000 kn (approx. 650 eur).

"We chose this kind of support in starting a family in the amount of five thousand kuna. We support every newborn child too. For the first, we give 2.000 kn, for the second it is 4.000 kn, for the third, 6.000 kn, and so on.. . We care for students too. We have 110 of them and all of them all receiving scholarships. Elementary school children have free school books and high school students free transportations", said Branko Samardzic and he added: "People are make jokes about it now, but we believe that they will accept it with time."

We hope that the support of the five thousand kuna for starting a new family and the financial incentive for every child will stimulate the bachelors of Otok to get married, but also that we will inspire other cities and municipalities to do the same.