Sinj - Visoka - Visočnica - Sutina in Pictures

By 29 December 2015

The Mountaineering Association Dinaridi published pictures of their recent trip on the rout Sinj - Visoka - Visošnica - Sutina and they are amazing. If you would like to get an idea about hiking in the magnificent mountains of Inland Dalmatia, just enjoy these pictures (taken from the association´s FB page).

View of the Sinj city (all photos: Planinarska Udruga Dinaridi FB page)

"Visoka is a mountain above Sinj - the south-eastern slope of the Svilaja mountain, divided by it by the Sutina canyon. At the top, there is a 10 m high concrete cross. It is a place of pilgrimage of the Dicmo, Sinj and the Cetina region residents. There is a beautiful view from the top: Sinj on one side with Sinj Valley and its surrounding mountains, and on the other side is Dicmo valley followed by the sea and the islands. "