Friday, 12 August 2022

Only 56% of Registered Business Entities in Croatia are Active

ZAGREB, 12 August, 2022 - At the end of June 2022, there were 316,052 registered business entities in Croatia, of which 176,882 or 56% were active, the data from the national statistical office (DZS) shows.

Of the total number of registered business entities, 238,572 were companies, of which 141,743 or 59.4% were active.

There were also 73,924 institutions, bodies, associations, and organisations (34,322 active), cooperatives (817 active), and 93,393 sole traders and freelancers.

More than half of the business entities were registered in wholesale and retail trade, 17.6% in motor vehicle and motorcycle repairs, 7.8% in the manufacturing industry, 10.2% in professional, scientific, and technical activities, and 16.1% in services.

The ownership structure of active legal entities shows that 140,435 or 79.4% were privately owned, 0.8% were state-owned, 0.4% were in mixed ownership, 0.5% were cooperatives, while the ownership of 19% of legal entities was not monitored. 

Among the active legal entities, 88,189 or 49.9% were companies with 1-9 employees, while 70,962 or 40.1% had no employees. 13,673 had 10-49 employees, 3,467 had 50-249 employees, 319 had 250-499 employees, and 272 had 500 and more employees.

The majority of companies were limited liability companies, accounting for 71.7% of registered business entities and 72.9% of active ones, while simple limited liability companies accounted for 27.1% of registered business entities and 26.0% of active ones.

Slightly less than a third of business entities, or 32.3%, were based in the City of Zagreb.

Friday, 12 August 2022

Rent a What in Slavonia? Rental Cars Nowhere to be Found

August 12, 2022 - Picture this. It's August, you've arrived in Croatia, planning to take a casual trip to Slavonia, you'll rent a car and chill it out, no problem... The only thing is, rent a what? Cars are fully booked out in Slavonia.

The news that it is currently impossible to rent a car in Osijek sounded a bit unreal, comments Glas Slavonije. Searching the internet for car rental places, judging by the number of ads, made it all seem a little suspicious. Additionally, there are numerous intermediary sites where you can find rental cars for any date up to mid-September without a problem. GS decided to do some research and called a rent-a-car in Osijek.

“Unfortunately, we do not have any available cars for rent in Osijek. In the last two years, we have never had such a demand for our services. Summer always stands out, many tourists come, rent cars, and take it to the coast, but this year we have been booked non-stop since the beginning of June. In the meantime, gaps are created when the cars are returned which must be taken back to Osijek and are rented out again very quickly. The prices are around HRK 300 per day, and of course, the longer the vehicle is rented, the lower the price. The same happens every summer because of the season, but you could always find a vehicle to rent here, until this year”, Petar Kontić from Currs d.o.o. told GS.

Despite the ever-improving tourism results, Osijek is still somewhere on the sidelines when it comes to air traffic. Tourists come to Osijek either in organized tourist arrangements or by car, so the demand for the rent-a-car service has decreased. However, an additional problem for the car rental market is the overall market situation, as car production has stopped.

“The situation is such that there are simply no cars on the market. Due to the lack of chips, production stopped, and considering that we renewed the vehicle fleet every year, we were not able to buy new vehicles, but we stayed with the number of cars we had the previous year. Summer is the peak season for everyone who rents a car, there is more travel, and foreigners come to us to rent a car immediately after arriving at the airport. Most of the vehicles are in the places where the number of arrivals is the highest, i.e. Pula, Split and of course, Zagreb. People couldn't wait for all bans to be lifted due to the pandemic, so this year the demand for our service reached its peak. Our prices start from HRK 200 a day”, points out Manuel Šimić from Carwiz.

And Davor Šimara from Nippon confirms that this summer season is truly special, that there is great interest in car rental services, so it is almost impossible to find a free car that could be rented for a long time, but only for a day or two, between two pre-booked appointments.

In the end, of all the companies contacted in ​​Osijek-Baranja county, available vehicles were only found in Sixt, the largest rent-a-car company in Croatia. They had three free vehicles around ​​Osijek. They also noticed a significant increase in the use of their services this year.

At Aurelia Vinkovci rent-a-car, it was confirmed that this season was their best so far, and they have been in this business for five years. As Luka Janković, director and owner said, they have 30 vehicles at their disposal and those who need a car rental service should contact them and agree on the type of car they need, as well as the exact date or period for which they want to rent a car.

“There is always something available, but we need to know the date and what type of vehicle they want since our vehicles range from high class to luxury class. The demand has been high this summer, because, after the pandemic, people started coming not only from European countries, but also from Australia and America, so in the period from June 15 to September 15, we had many booked vehicles”, said Janković.

As for the prices, he emphasized that they have new vehicles, up to three years old, and the prices, depending on the type, range from the most affordable Volkswagen for HRK 250 to a Jeep that goes for HRK 700 per day.

“We offer a wide range of vehicles, with the highest demand in the summer season and the winter, around Christmas, when a lot of people come to Croatia for the holidays. For those flying into Osijek and Tuzla, we deliver vehicles to the airport, as well as to home addresses. Those who come from distant countries know that it is more convenient for them to take a completely safe and insured car while they are in Croatia than to drive their car more than a thousand kilometers and pay for fuel for such a long trip” emphasized Janković.

GS also asked about the issue in rent-a-car companies in other parts of Slavonia and Baranja. In the Vukovar company VU RENT d.o.o., they experienced the same problem, where they told GS that every summer is the same story, the arrival of tourists always means more rented vehicles, but this season they have had the highest interest since they have been in business, and everything started from Easter. On the other hand, the company Rent E Car from Đakovo does not have such a problem, because they prepared in time for the summer tourist season, and they also offer electric vehicles.

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Friday, 12 August 2022

First Rimac Nevera Buyer Nico Rosberg on First Drive with Mate Rimac (VIDEO)

August 12, 2022 - Formula 1 Legend Nico Legend takes to YouTube to post his experience of the first drive of his new Rimac Nevera. 

Croatia may not sell many cars, but when it does...

As TCN reported last week in Formula 1 Legend Nico Rosberg Takes Delivery of First Rimac Nevera (VIDEO), Rosberg became the first official buyer on the much-vaunted Croatian hypercar, the Rimac Nevera. 

Rosberg is clearly delighted with his purchase, and yesterday he posted a new video on his YouTube channel, detailing the first journey of his new purchase: 

What a special day: First drive in my new 2,000HP Hypercar! The Rimac Nevera is a beast...fully electric, ridiculous acceleration, awesome the car feels insane! Subscribe to my channel:

Stay tuned for a lot more content when the car arrives in Monaco. Let me know in the comments what you'd like to see?

In the driving scene was none other than Mate Rimac himself, in what must have been an incredibly satisfying moment for the Croatian entrepreneur, and the two were clearly enjoying each other's company as Rimac helped Rosberg become more acquainted with his new toy. 


It has been quite a summer for Rimac and Nevera so far. In addition to this very high-profile first customer, Rimac and his Nevera were also the first to cross the new Peljesac Bridge on July 26, as Rimac drove Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic over the Chinese-constructed bridge, which finally connected the two parts of Croatia into one contiguous unit.

I don't know who was more texcited about yesterday's drive, Nico Rosberg, or the man who started it all more than a decade ago, Mate Rimac.


The Rimac founder posted his delight at the latest milestone in the incredible Rimac story on Facebook. 

We look forward to updating you on Rosberg's experiences with the Rimac Nevera on the streets of Monaco.

You can follow the latest in the Rimac story in the dedicated TCN section


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Thursday, 11 August 2022

Commemoration Held for Reporter Vladimir Matijanić

ZAGREB, 11 August, 2022 - The Croatian Journalists Association (HND) on Thursday held a commemoration for reporter Vladimir Matijanić, who died last Friday.

Attending the event, held in Split, were members of Matijanić's family, fellow journalists, friends, and others who respected the late reporter, whose death, caused by COVID-19, attracted public attention following media reports that doctors in Split failed to provide him with adequate care even though he had a number of underlying conditions.

"Nobody can be indifferent to the way (his death) happened," HND president Hrvoje Zovko said in his speech, noting that "we are living in a country whose system has killed yet another innocent man."

In a message to Health Minister Vili Beroš and staff at the KBC Split hospital, Zovko said that Matijanić's fellow journalists and friends would not stop asking questions until they obtained all the answers and until someone was called to account for Matijanić's death.

Earlier in the day, Matijanić was laid to rest at Split's Lovrinac cemetery in the presence of his family, friends, numerous fellow journalists as well as politicians.

As a reporter, he uncovered numerous scandals and was one of the best Croatian investigative journalists and analysts.

He started his career at the Slobodna Dalmacija daily and continued it in the Feral Tribune weekly, after which he returned to Slobodna Dalmacija. In recent years he worked for the Index news website.

He wrote the book "Kerum i propadanje Splita" (Kerum and the decline of Split), and was awarded by the HND for online journalism.

RIP Vladimir Matijanić, Investigative Journalist.

Outrage Caused by Treatment of Reporter Matijanić Continues in Croatia.

These were the Key Mistakes in Treatment of Vladimir Matijanić.

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Infobip Donates Half a Million Kuna to Solidarna Foundation for Ukrainian Refugees

ZAGREB, 11 August, 2022 - The Infobip IT company has donated more than half a million kuna to the "Solidarna" foundation for its fund designed to help integrate Ukrainian refugees staying in Croatia, Solidarna said on Thursday.

The donation, amounting to HRK 507,000 (€67,600), will be used to organise Croatian language courses for the refugees, provide financial support to Ukrainian families, and support projects designed to assist displaced persons including psychotherapy, help in finding employment, child care, etc.

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Okoli Gas Storage Facility Filled to 61% of Capacity

ZAGREB, 11 August, 2022 - On 10 August, the Okoli gas storage facility had a total of 2.63 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) of gas, which is 61% of its capacity, show data from the underground gas storage facility located in Sisak-Moslavina County.

According to recommendations by the European Commission and a Croatian government decision, the facility should be filled to 90% of its storage capacity by 1 November.

In early June, the government instructed the state-owned power provider HEP to procure 270.8 million cubic metres of natural gas and store it at Okoli to secure supply on the domestic market during the winter.

In late July, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said that the facility was being filled according to plan.

Nonetheless, compared to 10 August 2021, the quantity of natural gas currently stored at Okoli is 683 million kWh smaller.

Thursday, 11 August 2022

First Direct Rail Container Service from Rijeka to Czechia Launched

ZAGREB, 11 August, 2022 - The first direct freight, container and rail service from Rijeka to the Czech Republic has been established, connecting the port of Rijeka via the container terminal at Brajdica with the Czech city of Paskov, the Adriatic Gate Container Terminal reported on Thursday.

Adriatic Gate CEO Emmanuel Papagiannakis underscored that the Czech market is one of the most important European markets.

"Currently, we have several regular weekly block trains from Rijeka to Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Hungary, from where we are also connected to Slovakia," he said, stressing that the company appreciates Maersk's initiative to launch the new service, which would also provide a direct rail service connecting Rijeka and the Czech Republic.

Papagiannakis underscored that the new service confirms the increasing importance of the Adriatic Gate company for the markets of Central and Southeastern Europe.

Maersk's rail service was launched in May this year and runs up to twice a week. The rail service is operated by ČD Cargo Adria, a subsidiary of the Czech cargo operator ČD Cargo, the largest provider of rail transport services in the Czech Republic and one of the leading rail operators on the trans-European network corridor including Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland, and now Croatia.

Adriatic Gate Container Terminal - AGCT is a public-private partnership in which International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) holds a 51% interest while the Port of Rijeka holds a stake of 49%.

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Maritime Safety Action Results in 421 Thousand in Fines

August 11, 2022 – A safe tourist season is a good tourist season. Safety at sea is just as important as any other kind. A significant maritime safety action was conducted on Wednesday, August 10, resulting in hefty fines.

The Adriatic Sea remains safe, as the officials of the port authorities gave out fines in the total amount of HRK 421 thousand to violators who did not respect the prescribed sailing speeds in the unauthorized sea area.

As reported by Poslovni, as part of the "Safe navigation 2022 II" action in all port authorities, 368 inspections were carried out and 157 violations of regulations were found, for which the violators were fined HRK 421,000, as announced by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.

The second coordinated action of enhanced navigation surveillance lasted on Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. across the Adriatic coast.

Eighty officers with 14 vessels from eight harbor master's offices and associated branches performed 360 inspections, finding 157 violations of regulations, based on the Maritime Code and the Rulebook on the Safety of Maritime Navigation.

Special attention was put on the inspection of passenger ships in national navigation, intended for one-day trips and multi-day cruises, whereby the validity of the ship's administration, the number of crew members, and certificates of qualification of the crew members were closely monitored.

Also, the officials of the port authorities gave out fines in the total amount of HRK 421,000 to violators who did not respect the prescribed sailing speeds in the unauthorized sea area.

Port authorities will continue to implement actions to increase the safety of navigation in the summer season, while maritime traffic is intensified, primarily with the aim of preventing maritime accidents and incidents, that is, sanctioning violators, which indicates the necessity of observing safety regulations during navigation, the Ministry of the Sea traffic and infrastructure points out.

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Thursday, 11 August 2022

Safe Journalists and HND Condemn Threats to Zadarski List Reporter

ZAGREB, 11 August, 2022 - The Safe Journalists network and the Croatian Journalists' Association (HND) on Thursday condemned threats against a reporter for the Zadarski List, Toni Perinić, who was investigating a case of a tourist scam, with the associations calling on competent institutions to punish the perpetrator as soon as possible.

The Safe Journalists network said that Perinić, who is 21, received threats while investigating online tourist complaints, as well as those sent to the local tourism board, about an apartment renter from Privlaka.

The associations added that the reporter was threatened by the renter's father, who, among other things, told Perinić to "be careful what he writes because it could cost him."

"The Croatian Journalists' Association strongly condemns the threats received by our colleague, whom we fully support," said HND President Hrvoje Zovko.

He added that this case is another indicator of the atmosphere in which reporters of local media outlets work.

The Safe Journalists network said the threats were made when Perinić went to photograph the apartments in question for his article.

The journalist was investigating complaints by guests from whom the apartment owner asked for an advance payment of HRK 500, and then cancelled the reservations for various reasons.

The apartment owner's father allegedly took down the number plate of the car Perinić was driving and found Perinić's father's phone number, and made the threats over the phone.

Zadar police have said that a criminal investigation has been completed against the 54-year-old man who threatened Perinić and that a criminal report is about to be filed with prosecutorial authorities.

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Croatia Logs 1,583 New COVID Cases 15 Related Deaths

ZAGREB, 11 August, 2022 -  Croatia has registered 1,583 new COVID cases and 15 related deaths in the past 24 hours, the national COVID response team reported on Thursday.

There are currently 616 hospitalised patients, 23 of whom are on ventilators, while 4,746 people are self-isolating.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 1,197,804 COVID cases have been recorded in Croatia; 16,461 patients have died as a consequence and 1,173,158 have recovered, including 1,093 in the past 24 hours.

To date, 59.58% of the total population, or 70.85% of adults, have been vaccinated.

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