Minister Lalovac Answers the Governor's Criticism

By 13 September 2015

Government vs Croatian National Bank Governor

After the Governor of the Croatian National Bank Boris Vujčić slammed the government's plans to convert Swiss Franc loans to Euros saying it will destabilize the market and threaten Croatia's credit rating (which is brilliant anyway), it didn't take long for the Minister of Finance Boris Lalovac to respond to criticism.

"Governor with a 50 000 kuna monthly wage and who spends more than 300 days a year out of the country whilst his closest assistant owns a private plane, has absolutely no idea how people live in Croatia" Lalovac commented.



Lalović's harsh response shows that the Government sees the negative comments from the Croatian National Bank as a stab in the back. Even the Prime Minister,close personal friend of Governor Vujčić, commented that he is acting irresponsibly warning people of things that might happen while at the same time taking no responsibility for any of his actions.