Jandroković: Photo from HDZ Event is Only Link to Škugor

By 1 September 2022

ZAGREB, 31 August 2022 - A photo of Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković and arrested INA executive Damir Škugor was taken in November 2017 at an event organised by the Maksimir branch of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), it is common practice to take photos with party members and the only link to Škugor, his office said.

The Parliament Speaker's office issued a press release on Wednesday after the photo of Jandroković and Škugor was posted by MP Nikola Grmoja (Bridge) on his Facebook page and was later shared on social networks.

"Mr. Jandroković was invited to that event in his capacity as Parliament Speaker and then secretary-general of the HDZ. On that occasion, he took a photo with the members of the Maksimir HDZ branch committee. This is common practice and photos are taken with numerous citizens and party members who want to take a photo with the Parliament Speaker. And that is the only link that exists to Mr. Škugor," the press release states.

The Parliament Speaker gives his full support to the competent state institutions to determine exactly what happened in the INA gas sales scam and who the responsible individuals are, regardless of their party affiliation, and that they be punished according to the law.