German Chancellor Supports Croatia's Entry into Schengen

By 30 August 2022

ZAGREB, 29 August, 2022 - The European Union's member-states -- Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria -- meet the criteria for the Schengen area membership and Germany will work to make it possible for them to join the border-free area, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in Prague on Monday.

"Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria fulfil all the technical requirements for full membership. I will work to see them become full members," he said in his speech titled "Europe is our Future", delivered at the Charles University in Prague.

Scholz said that Germany would continue supporting Ukraine as long as necessary, foreign news agency reported.

Commenting on the European Union's enlargement, Scholz said that Germany was committed to the enlargement process and that Western Balkan countries, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia should join the bloc over time.