MOST: Government Manipulating Figures on Post-Earthquake Reconstruction

By 28 August 2022

ZAGREB, 27 August, 2022 - MOST party member of parliament Nikola Grmoja and Sisak-Moslavina County Assembly member Luca Gašpar Šako said on Saturday the government was manipulating figures on the post-earthquake reconstruction process in Sisak-Moslavina County.

"It is not true that 3,500 houses have been repaired and that construction work and investments have been underway. Twenty months after the earthquake dangerous structures have not been removed yet," Gašpar Šako, a member of the MOST party, said.

Structures damaged in the 29 December 2020 earthquake have started collapsing, she said, adding that wooden prefabricated houses, which take 60 days to build, had not been built even after eight months because state agencies "choose contractors who are criminals."

"Right after the earthquake, they refused help from other countries in the reconstruction process because it meant that they would not be able to profit from the process. Their notion of reconstruction is to issue, one year after the earthquake, decisions under which about 40% of the facilities damaged in the earthquake, which were marked with red labels requiring demolition, suddenly obtain green labels," Gašpar Šako said, announcing a county assembly session to which competent government ministers would be invited to give answers to questions bothering citizens.

MOST MP Nikola Grmoja said it was unacceptable that the construction of prefab houses took eight months and that this was not only due to crime but also incompetence.

"It is not normal that 20 months since the earthquake (state authorities) do not have lists of the people who are staying in housing containers that are not part of container settlements," Grmoja said.