Following News of FinMin's Resignation, Opposition Says Time for New Elections

By 6 July 2022
Following News of FinMin's Resignation, Opposition Says Time for New Elections
Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich

ZAGREB, 6 July 2022  - The news of Finance Minister Zdravko Marić's unexpected resignation on Tuesday was followed by the first reactions of opposition politicians who in their comments told Prime Minister Andrej Plenković that the time was ripe for new parliamentary elections.

Social Democratic Party (SDP) political secretary Mirela Ahmetović said in a Twitter post that "the last time Marić resigned, his boss fled the country and the company folded," a reference to former Agrokor company owner Ivica Todorić.

When the most popular minister leaves, that means the government has fallen and Plenković just does not want to admit it. Enough of this agony, let's go to elections, Ahmetović said.

Bridge party vice-president Nikola Grmoja said in a Facebook post that "the first officer of Plenković's Titanic, holed by corruption, scandals and inflation, is fleeing."

If health reasons are not the reason, and I hope they are not, there are only two options - either he has found himself under investigation - he was involved in many scandals which, admittedly, left him unscathed - or he is leaving the government aware of the kind of economic Armaggedon that is about to hit us, Grmoja said, calling for new elections.

The head of the parliamentary committee on European affairs, Domagoj Hajduković of the Social Democrats, also commented on Marić's decision.

"I wonder if 'personal reasons' have to do with the implementation of euro introduction about which I have been warning for some time. True, we got a positive decision, but someone must also implement it, and we are very irresponsible in that regard," Hajduković said.

Other comments by opposition politicians were announced for Wednesday.

Also, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković will inform the inner cabinet and parliamentary majority of Marić's decision and introduce Marko Primorac as the candidate for his successor. Primorac's nomination will be discussed by the parliament as early as next week.

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