Croatian Tourism Minister Attends UN Security Council Meeting On Women

By 16 June 2022
Croatian Tourism Minister Attends UN Security Council Meeting On Women
Image: Pixabay

ZAGREB, 16 June 2022 - Tourism and Sports Minister Nikolina Brnjac has participated in a UN Security Council meeting on the topic of women, peace and security and held several meetings, the Ministry said in a press release on Thursday.

Brnjac met with the leaders of the Economic and Social Council and the UN Office for Intergovernmental Support and Cooperation for Sustainable Development.

"At the meetings, I presented all the Ministry's activities that contribute to the realisation of UN policies and the Sustainable Development Program until 2030. Our new strategy, which is in its final phase, addresses all challenges recognised at the global level and follows sustainability trends and the green and digital transition," Brnjac was quoted as saying.

According to Minister Brnjac, Croatia, as the country chairing the UNWTO Committee on Sustainability and Tourism, aims to promote and work on strengthening the resilience of tourism and its sustainable development.

At the meetings, Brnjac underscored that Croatia has allocated a significant amount of money from European funds that will finance projects to contribute to achieving these goals.

Brnjac attended the presentation of the film "Stepinac - The Cardinal and His Conscience" at the Nikola Tavelić Croatian Centre in New York, where she met with representatives of the Croatian community.

While in New York, Brnjac will participate in the sixth annual conference organised by the Association of Croatian-American Professionals (ACAP), entitled Innovation, Cooperation and Sustainability, where she will present the strategic direction of Croatia's tourism for the next decade.

She is also due to meet with American tour operators and travel agents that are important for the Croatian market, as well as with ACAP members with a special focus on health and wellness tourism, the press release said.

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