Minister for Renewing Heritage and Putting it to New Use According to NEB Criteria

By 8 June 2022
Minister for Renewing Heritage and Putting it to New Use According to NEB Criteria
Image: Nina Obuljen Koržinek/Facebook screenshot

ZAGREB, 8 June 2022 - Croatia may not be rich in resources, but it has an extremely rich heritage that needs to be restored and put to use according to New European Bauhaus (NEB) criteria, Culture and Media Minister Nina Obuljen Koržinek said on Wednesday, opening of the NEB National Platform Council.

At the meeting, which brought together representatives of numerous ministries, institutions, organisations and associations, the minister said that Croatia faces a demanding transformation of the entire legislative and physical planning and management system, which is something the NEB initiative is one of the most competent to discuss.

"We are faced with postulates to not waste space, but renew and save resources. Renewal and revitalisation of what we have using modern techniques and creative contributions, taking into account modern needs, is how we see the role of NEB, she said, recalling the example of Šibenik, where the high capacity of transforming a city was seen through the wise restoration of cultural heritage and putting it in the function of the present."

The coordinator of the National Platform and director of the Regional Energy Agency of Northwest Croatia, Julije Domac, noted that green integrated planning is a fundamental approach of NEB, which is emerging as a new cohesion factor of the European Union. Among the most important topics that NEB raises are the future of food and sustainable development, sustainable use of cultural heritage, sustainable development of rural mountain areas, and the like.

One of the basic requirements is that investments be made according to the values of NEB, he said and concluded that Croatia strives to create a set of values that would be its contribution to the implementation of NEB in the European Union.

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