Croatia's Statehood Day Marked in Sarajevo with Zagreb Soloists Concert

By 31 May 2022
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Photo: Julian Nyča/Wikimedia Commons

ZAGREB, 31 May 2022 - Croatia's Statehood Day was marked in Sarajevo on Monday with a Zagreb Soloists concert under the auspices of the Croatian Foreign Ministry, with Ambassador Ivan Sabolić saying Croatia wants to strongly support Bosnia and Herzegovina's stability.

The concert, given on the occasion of Statehood Day and 30 years since Croatia's international recognition, was organized by the Croatian Embassy to BiH in cooperation with the Croatian Cultural Society Napredak, which is marking 120 years of activity.

Sabolić said the independent, democratic, and European Croatia had a strong interest to ensure that the whole region follows its path by drawing closer to Euro-Atlantic integration which, he added, was the only guarantee of lasting stability, notably in the turbulent times in Europe is going through.

Croatia has a special interest in the stability of BiH, which it sees as a state of three equal constituent peoples, the ambassador said.

Napredak president Nikola Čića said this organization advocated not only preserving Croatian culture but also promoting understanding, dialogue and compromise, without imposing solutions in BiH, as the only way to lasting trust between the peoples living in the country.

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