Parliament Speaker Issues Statehood Day Message

By 29 May 2022
Parliament Speaker Issues Statehood Day Message
Image: HDZ/Facebook screenshot

ZAGREB, 29 May 2022 - Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković on Sunday congratulated citizens on Statehood Day, saying that 30 May 1990 was deep in the memory of Croatian people as it was had been one of the key steps in the realisation of the independent, free and democratic Croatian state.

On that day, the first democratically elected Croatian parliament was inaugurated.

Jandroković recalled what the first president, Franjo Tuđman, said on that occasion, that for centuries the Sabor had been the guardian of the Croatian people's sovereignty and bearer of the legal order and general civilisational progress.

By marking that day, we express lasting gratitude to Tuđman, the defenders and their families, and everyone who took part in the creation of Croatia and its international affirmation, he added.

Today, we continue to build Croatia with a vision which will enable a safe, meaningful and quality life for all our people, he said, adding that it is also necessary to work on strengthening all state institutions.

By making the economy more competitive and self-sustained, and by seeing to our international position, we will achieve our goals in partnership with our allies, Jandroković said.

In times of global challenges, only by joint efforts and reducing tensions in society will we overcome divisions and ensure prosperity, he said. "Demanding periods require national unity from us, just as on 30 May 1990."

Medved: Unity is necessary today, too

War Veterans Minister Tomo Medved also extended Statehood Day greetings. He thanked in particular the families of those killed or gone missing in the war as well as all defenders, saying he is proud of that historic role in the creation, defence and liberation of the country.

Medved said the centuries-old dream of a free and independent Croatian state was achieved in the unity of the Croatian people, both at home and abroad, adding that this unity was needed today, too.

"Today we are facing new challenges and security threats. We are finding the appropriate solutions and building a safe Croatia, which is also the homeland of the Croats outside Croatia, and we have shown a big heart by providing shelter for the displaced," he said.

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