Milanović Says Plenković Violating Constitution in Banožić Case

By 17 May 2022
Milanović Says Plenković Violating Constitution in Banožić Case

ZAGREB, 17 May 2022 - President Zoran Milanović on Tuesday described as unconstitutional Prime Minister Andrej Plenković's having talked to the State Attorney General after Milanović publicly wondered what the State Attorney General was doing regarding a case of favouritism involving Defence Minister Mario Banožić.

"His having phoned the State Attorney General is unconstitutional, it's serious enough to warrant impeachment," Milanović said.

The president on Monday again raised the question of what the state prosecutor was doing concerning Banožić whom he accused of favouritism in a case of state property lease of two years ago, when Banožić served as the state assets minister.

Following months-long row between Milanović and Banožić over issues concerning the defence sector as well as topics from the state assets department, Milanović yesterday said that Banožić should be incarcerated.

This prompted Plenković to state on Monday evening that he urged State Attorney General Zlata Hrvoj Šipek not to take heed of politically motivated inflammatory rhetoric against Banožić.

"I can't remember any case of public office-holders having so loudly and clearly upbraided DORH, and I told this to Hrvoj Šipek whom I contacted earlier in the day and told her that (Milanović's campaign against Banožić) is unacceptable and shameful," Plenković said.

Milanović said today Plenković phoned Hrvoj Šipek to tell her "not to touch his man".

He said that Plenković's behaviour was against the Constitution and sufficient reason to oust the prime minister.