Government Approves Telascica Nature Park Substation Construction

Government Approves Telascica Nature Park Substation Construction
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May the 14th, 2022 - The government has approved the construction of a substation located within the boundaries of the much loved and truly stunning Telascica Nature Park.

As Morski writes, the Croatian Government has given the green light to the sale of the plot on which HEP will build a substation at Telascica Nature Park. This will replace the hitherto rather non-ecological way of obtaining electricity from three oil generators with a more acceptable and sustainable solution for all, including the environment.

Last year, consent was given for the sale of a 79-square-metre plot to HEP for 11,850 kuna. As the stipulation is that the consent for the alienation of property should be given by the Croatian Government alone, the decision was made at the session and was signed by Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, as reported by 057.info.

The importance of electrification of the gorgeous Telascica Nature Park is far reaching, both for the the park and its management itself and for about forty individual consumers who will be connected to the electricity network. The current need for electricity has been being provided for with three large oil generators that significantly pollute the surrounding environment and produce noise, which is incompatible with the basic function of preserving and protecting the environment in Telascica Nature Park.

Previous efforts to provide electricity in this area have not been realised due to the fact that no agreement was reached between HEP ​​and the owner of the plot, although most of the project documentation was prepared for the location and the project was actually completed back in December 2019.

The special significance and importance of electrification lies in the fact that the construction and commissioning of the Grpascak Visitor Centre, financed from the European Regional Development Fund and co-financed by the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, will be completed soon.

The fact that the government has readily given the construction of the substation the green light proves its dedication to greener energy sources and promotion care for the environment as paramount.

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