Croatian Minority Representative to Serve in New Montenegrin Government

By 23 April 2022
Podgorica City Hall
Podgorica City Hall Liridon - WikiCommons

ZAGREB, 23 April 2022 - A representative of the Croatian Civic Initiative (HGI), one of the political parties representing the Croatian minority in Montenegro, will be a minister without a portfolio in the minority government to be nominated by Prime Minister-elect Dritan Abazović on 28 April, local media said on Friday.

HGI leader Adrijan Vuksanović confirmed to the Montenegrin media that he would be the party's candidate for minister without a portfolio in the new government. Earlier, the party's main committee unanimously accepted the invitation from Prime Minister-elect Abazović to participate in the minority government.

"We consider this an important gesture that will help ensure respect for minority rights and be an important mechanism for their affirmation. This is a strong message to the international and domestic public that Montenegro is following its natural path of multi-ethnic harmony and respecting the contribution from the ethnic minorities in the social, cultural and political field," HGI said.

Ethnic Croats account for about one per cent of Montenegro's population.

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