War Veterans Ministry Distances Itself From Envoy's Statement

By 10 April 2022
War Veterans Ministry Distances Itself From Envoy's Statement
Image: Tomo Medved/Facebook screenshot

ZAGREB, 10 April 2022 - The Croatian War Veterans Ministry on Sunday distanced itself from its envoy Matko Raos' statement, made at an event marking the 31st anniversary of a Croatian Defence Forces (HOS) unit in Split, when he said that "today's Croatia would not exist if there had not been for 10 April 1941."

On 10 April 1941 the establishment of the Nazi-allied Independent State of Croatia (NDH) was proclaimed.

"We emphasise that Mr Raos gave the statement on his behalf and not on behalf of the Ministry and we distance ourselves from it," the ministry said, noting that Raos had not been scheduled to speak at the event.

Earlier on Sunday, during a ceremony at which wreaths were laid at a memorial to members of the HOS 9th Battalion "Rafael vitez Boban" killed in the 1991-95 Homeland War, Raos said: "You have to know, if it had not been for 10 April 1941, today's Croatia would not exist."

The War Veterans Ministry said Raos' address at the event had not been envisaged in the first place, and that he was supposed to just lay a wreath and light a candle.

The ministry's response ensued after earlier today the opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) condemned Raos' statement and called on the government and the ministry to distance themselves from it.

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