Ministers Say Post-quake Reconstruction at Turning Point

By 20 March 2022
Ministers Say Post-quake Reconstruction at Turning Point
Image: Pexels

ZAGREB, 20 March 2022 - Construction and Zoning Minister Ivan Paladina and War Veterans' Minister Tomo Medved, who heads the national crisis management team for post-quake reconstruction, visited Petrinja on Sunday and on that occasion they said that the reconstruction process was at a turning point.

They held a working meeting with local authorities.

The lion's share of the administrative procedure, as a precondition for the start of building work on damaged structures, has been finished.

Now, the process of the post-quake reconstruction has reached a turning point.

During their stay in Petrinja, the ministers also met local activists who told the officials that local inhabitants expect the government to provide more accurate information about the reconstruction and to speed up the whole process.

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