Remnants of Aerial Bomb Found in Drone That Crashed in Zagreb

By 13 March 2022
Remnants of Aerial Bomb Found in Drone That Crashed in Zagreb
Image: HDZ/Facebook

ZAGREB, 13 March 2022 - Remnants of an aerial bomb have been found in the Soviet-era drone that crashed down in southwest Zagreb late on Thursday, Defence Minister Mario Banožić said on Sunday.

"Traces of an explosive device have been found, indicating that this was not a reconnaissance drone. We have found parts of an aerial bomb," Banožić told reporters at the crash site after the bulk of the drone had been dug out of the ground.

He said that it was a Soviet-made unmanned aerial vehicle, but that it was still unclear whether it had come from the Russian or Ukrainian side.

"We will be able to say what its purpose was only after an analysis. This type of bomb was used by aircraft," he added.

Banožić said that the area around the crater was now safe and there were no explosive substances there.

The Seismology Service said on Saturday that its seismographs had registered the impact of the flying object in the Jarun area of southwest Zagreb at 23:01:49 on Thursday.

The drone fell about 50 metres from a student dorm but no one was hurt. About 40 cars parked in a nearby car park were damaged.

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