Croatian Parliament Adopts Government Report on Situation in Ukraine

By 9 March 2022
Croatian Parliament Adopts Government Report on Situation in Ukraine
Image: HDZ/Facebook

ZAGREB, 9 March 2022 - The Croatian parliament on Wednesday adopted the prime minister's report on the situation in Ukraine, which strongly condemned the Russian invasion and praised the Ukrainian military and people for their heroic resistance.

Also adopted were government measures relating to the humanitarian, healthcare, financial, banking, energy, transport, defence and other sectors, and the government was called upon to consider the proposals put forward by MPs.

In the report, presented last week, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković expressed full support for the Ukrainian people "who are dying for European values".

"Supporting Ukraine and respecting the courage of Ukrainians not to flee before tanks, not to give in to blackmail, not to bow down their heads, to be inspired by love of their country as the Croats were in the Homeland War, let us stand together with Ukraine and Ukrainians today. Glory to Ukraine!" Plenković said.

Parliament adopted amendments to the Court Register Act and the Companies Act aimed at helping companies avoid a bankruptcy.

Also adopted was the proposal to declare 14 May, Croatian Diabetes Day. An estimated 500,000 people in Croatia have diabetes, and the importance of this topic will be marked twice a year - on World Diabetes Day (14 November) and Croatian Diabetes Day (14 May).

The ruling majority rejected the proposal by Marijan Pavliček (Croatian Sovereignists) to amend the Civil Protection System Act so that all decisions made by the national COVID-19 response team would be put to a vote in Parliament.

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