Vlatko Cvrtila Talks Possible Balkan Consequences of Ukraine Crisis

By 28 February 2022

February the 28th, 2022 - Croatian geopolitics expert Professor Vlatko Cvrtila has discussed the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine following Russia's unjustified invasion of that Eastern European country. He also touched on potential Balkan consequences of the war.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Geopolitics expert Professor Vlatko Cvrtila spoke about the current and escalating situation in Ukraine on N1 television, where he went deeper and analysed the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He commented, among other things, on how the Russian-Ukrainian crisis could affect the Balkans.

"We're now in a version of the Cold War 2.0. We know how things were back during the Cold War. In addition to opposing ideologies and policies, each side sought to pursue its interests in some undefined territories in the world. These are the territories where the so-called proxy wars. The Western Balkans, that is, our region, is one of those areas, and as such it's another area in which Vladimir Putin would try to possibly sabotage those efforts of the West,'' Professot Vlatko Cvrtila said, and continued:

"The biggest concern is that it could potentially happen here in Croatia's region, given that there are countries and political structures that are very sympathetic to Putin and Russia, and here I mean primarily Serbia, but also Bosnia and Herzegovina, where Dodik has been seriously shaking things up for six months in that country in terms of announcing the exit of those institutions that were founded by the Dayton Agreement, and the Dayton Agreement was what stopped the war,'' he explained.

Vlatko Cvrtila also commented on whether one of the consequences of the Russian invasion of neighbouring Ukraine would be the formation of a European army.

"I'm not optimistic that it will be something that will form rapidly, but to the question of whether or not there'll be some strategic changes... there certainly will,'' Professor Vlatko Cvrtila concluded.

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