Pupovac Causes Uproar in Parliament When Defending His Party Colleague

By 23 February 2022
Pupovac Causes Uproar in Parliament When Defending His Party Colleague
Image: Milorad Pupovac/Facebook

ZAGREB, 23 Feb 2022 - Several MPs responded heatedly on Wednesday to SDSS leader Milorad Pupovac's accusations about their intention to incite hatred, while he was speaking in defence of Deputy Prime Minister and party colleague, Boris Milošević, who is under investigation for abuse of power.

"There are some people who allegedly advocate justice and legality yet they are doing that in such a way that they incite and instigate hatred and with that, they destroy the very notion of justice and legality while inciting hatred easily leads to inciting violence," said Pupovac of the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) and added, "those people are not called Boris Milošević."

He underscored however that there are people who will always build a society sensitive to feelings for others, whether that means trying to survive in Dvor, suffering in Okučani or being a casualty of Ovčara. "These people will be found where care is great, plight is difficult and suffering is gruesome. These people have feelings for others and they are called Milošević, Boris Milošević.

Nevertheless, he added, there are people and there always will be those unaware of sensitive society, who are not led by that same feeling for others, for their concerns for tomorrow, their sufferings of today and calamities of yesterday, "whether that be suffering in Donji Lapac, Voćin or in Varivode or Grubori."

Pupovac: Grmoja won't be where there is suffering

Pupovac named Bridge MP Nikola Grmoja, the chairman of the Anti-Corruption Council, as one of those people who would not be where there is suffering nor MP Mirlan Vrkljan who was accused of bribe-taking as a physician.

Pupovac said there are people of all faiths and nations, from all ideological and political groups who use their authority led by social and public morals and their own integrity, no matter what position they hold.

"They do not abuse their power, they serve people regardless of their faith or nation, ideological or political belief", Pupovac said once again referring to Boris Milošević as one of those office-holders.

Grmoja reacted by saying that he has feelings for every Croatian citizen regardless of their ethnicity or party preference. 

Grmoja: Subsidies granted to HDZ and SDSS members, friends and neighbours 

"You have feelings for MP Dragana Jeckov's (SDSS) neighbours who did not meet the eligibility criteria for subsidies but received them. Croatian veterans did not fight for that sort of Croatia where members of the HDZ and SDSS, close friends and neighbours, are granted subsidies", Grmoja retorted.

"There are people who would arrest Serbs just like they did in 1990 and 1991 and their fate was never learned," Jeckov then told Grmoja.

Grmoja said he would never arrest anyone but would leave that to the competent institutions to arrest corrupt Serbs and even more corrupt Croatians, Croatians in the HDZ and three corrupt Serbs from the ranks of SDSS."

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