Croatian Government Inflation Measures: Lower VAT, Vouchers...

By 14 February 2022

February the 14th, 2022 - The crisis surrounding rising energy prices across not only Croatia but the rest of Europe and indeed the world is continuing to throw proverbial spanners in the works for many and causing growing concern for companies and business. Croatian Government inflation measures are set to be rapidly introduced as a result of the spiralling situation which poses very little good for the domestic economy.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, at some point in the middle of next week, new Croatian Government inflation measures aimed at maintaining the standards of the country's residents due to high inflation, will be introduced. The move will now be being anticipated by many as the situation continues to unfold in a negative light.

RTL Television published the first hints about what these Croatian Government inflation measures might look like when they come into force:

Most of the measures are aimed at the most vulnerable people among us, therefore it has been announced that special vouchers to cover the difference in rising bill amounts will amount to more than 200 kuna at a time, and that they could also be extended to a larger circle of users during this inflation crisis.

The Prime Minister's Advisor for Economic Affairs, Zvonimir Savic, confirmed that there will be a reduction in the VAT rate, a topic which has been being talked about in many sectors for a very long time now. VAT on energy will be reduced, and state-owned suppliers will have to give up part of their earnings as a result of that.

However, it has not yet been decided whether these new Croatian Government inflation measures will reduce the VAT on gas down to 13 or a very welcome 5 percent.

On top of that, we do know that the tax placed on basic food products - eggs, flour, sugar, milk and the like - will be reduced from 13 to 5 percent.

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