Social Policy Minister Awards 52 Contracts to Associations Assisting Persons with Disabilities

By 9 February 2022
Social Policy Minister Awards 52 Contracts to Associations Assisting Persons with Disabilities
Image: Josip Aladrović/Facebook

ZAGREB, 9 Feb 2022 - Social Policy Minister Josip Aladrović on Wednesday awarded 52 contracts worth HRK 29.8 million to associations that assist people with disabilities in the Zagreb area and northwestern Croatia.

Aladrović said these were the first of 135 contracts that would be signed with civil society associations across the country to finance 79 personal assistance programmes, 29 Croatian sign language interpreter/translator programmes, and 27 seeing companion programmes, "which will improve the everyday life of many of our citizens."

"We can change the perception of persons with disabilities together through concrete action, by ensuring the necessary social services, facilitating access to services and including them more equally in work and the life of the community", the minister said.

Under the new Social Welfare Act, the circle of persons entitled to caregiver status has been expanded, and allowances have been increased to HRK 4,500, adding that the hiring of persons with disabilities would also be increased through financing workshops and incentives in the labour market.

"This year alone, HRK 81 million has been invested in employment incentives and 1,109 persons with disabilities have been included, nearly 30% more than in 2020", Aladrović continued.

This year, the government will focus on two new bills, on inclusive allowance and on personal assistance, which is in Croatia's interest as a welfare state.

The minister also commented on the announcement by the Zagreb authorities that they will extend kindergarten hours to 9 pm with the help of EU funds. He said the government was already financing longer days in kindergartens via the EU Social Fund in many local communities.

"We support that decision and since kindergartens are in the remit of local authorities, we expect the City of Zagreb to do more and better", he added.

(€1 = HRK 7.5)

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