Minister Says Final Bill on Social Welfare Meets Associations' Demands

By 27 January 2022
Minister Says Final Bill on Social Welfare Meets Associations' Demands
Kindel Media/Pexels

ZAGREB, 27 Jan 2022 - Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy Minister Josip Aladrović said on Thursday the government's final social welfare bill met the demands of associations of persons with disabilities, primarily by increasing certain allowances and eliminating the means test.

"Between two readings the government increased certain allowances, removed the means test. Practically all associations of persons with disabilities had asked for it, and we met their demands."

The minister stressed that amendments had been accepted regarding all five chamber laws and penalties for those unlawfully providing social services.

"The system will undergo reorganisation this year. We believe a good result has been achieved," he said.

Asked why the request of parents-caretakers was not met and they will continue to lose the right to their allowance immediately upon their child's death, the minister said a solution would be offered through the Labour Market Act.

"Or, more specifically, through the Employment Service because we believe that that allowance is the most similar to the unemployment benefit," he said.

As for the hospitality sector's warning that there will be problems with finding seasonal workers this year, Aladrović said that labour imports had been rising drastically for several years.

"I expect the increase to continue, but also domestic labour to be activated. Compared to 2019, there are practically 70,000 more workers, or 40,000 more than in 2021. It shows the trends and that the labour market will be very strong in 2022," he said.

Asked about travel agencies' wondering if job-keeping measures for the sector would be maintained, Aladrović said the government would back all those that had been affected by the coronavirus crisis and that it would define more detailed measures on Friday.