Union Collective of Precarious Workers and Activists Registered

By 26 January 2022
Union Collective of Precarious Workers and Activists Registered
Photo: Pixabay

ZAGREB, 26 Jan 2022- The SKUPA union collective has been registered, comprising precarious workers and activists, and brings civil society workers together for the first time at the national level who will fight for workers' rights in associations, cooperatives, foundations, trade unions, and political parties.

SKUPA said on Wednesday it was established on 7 February and registered at the labor ministry on 5 January.

SKUPA empowers civil society workers and provides them with organized support in the fight for labor rights, dignified working conditions, and a better civil society, a press release said.

SKUPA will also fight for changing financing rules so that organizations financed via public calls can honor workers' rights.

It warns that since associations are non-profit organizations, they often can't pay severance in case of dismissal or pay for overtime work because these costs are not envisaged by any project.

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