Plenković: Government Might Limit Fuel Prices Again

By 19 January 2022
Plenković: Government Might Limit Fuel Prices Again

ZAGREB, 19 Jan 2022 - During Question Time in the Sabor on Wednesday, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said that the government might once again limit the prices of fuel if they increased again next week.

"If we estimate that prices will increase next week, we will again limit the prices of all fuels, except for premium fuel," Plenković told MP Miro Bulj (Bridge) who claimed that Croatia currently had the most expensive fuel and that fuel prices were increasing while the price of crude oil was decreasing.

Plenković recalled that the government had capped the fuel prices three months ago at HRK 11.10 and HRK 11.00 and kept these prices for two months which helped avoid a shock to citizens.

"All these years that you have been grunting we have been working to help citizens and make it better for them," Plenković told Bulj.

Buj's party colleague Marija Selak Raspudić asked how many people have been employed in state and public services in the past four years, while Plenković said that he did not have that information at hand and if anyone was employed it was to make the state administration more efficient.

MP Vesna Vučemilović (Sovereignists) asked Finance Minister Zdravko Marić whether a zero or lower VAT rate would be introduced and, if so, for which products.

"We will take this into consideration. VAT won't be neglected, and which measures these will be, we will inform the Sabor and the public in due course," Marić said.