Denmark Congratulates Croatia on 30 Years Since International Recognition

By 14 January 2022
Denmark Congratulates Croatia on 30 Years Since International Recognition

ZAGREB, 14 Jan 2022 - The Danish Embassy congratulated Croatia on Friday on 30 years since international recognition and the establishment of diplomatic relations.

In cooperation with the Zagreb design studio Beton, the embassy presented a Danish-Croatian logo as a sign of partnership and friendship which will be used for all embassy activities in Croatia this year.

The logo is a symbolic platform on which we wish to additionally strengthen our relations. Most projects will be related to sustainable development and the green transition, such as the Green Together exhibition, as well as the common historical and recent links in arts and culture, Ambassador Ole Frijs-Madsen said, per an embassy press release.

I congratulate Croatia on this day and I congratulate it on its strength and perseverance to achieve the goals set long ago despite all the challenges this beautiful country faced in the last 30 years. We Danes love to look to the future and always look for new solutions for a better and more prosperous life, the ambassador said.

I am extremely pleased to be in Croatia at a time when there have never been more possibilities for cooperation. One of the main paths in strengthening our relations is the development of technologies in sustainability and green energy, to which we committed under the Paris Agreement and at the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow, he added.

Croatia and Denmark established diplomatic relations on 15 January 1992.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark visited Croatia with her husband in 2014, including Solin, after which an agreement was signed on digitalising the legacy of Danish archaeologist Ejnar Dygge, who was researching the ancient Roman city of Salona.