Matica Hrvatska Institution Launches Drafting of Bill on Croatian Language

By 10 January 2022
President of Matica Hrvatska, Miro Gavran
President of Matica Hrvatska, Miro Gavran Photo: Zvonimir Kuhtić

ZAGREB, 10 Jan 2022 - President of Matica Hrvatska, Miro Gavran, on Monday presented the program for marking the 180th anniversary of that cultural institution and announced the drafting of a Croatian Language Act.

"We have formed a task force to draw up the Croatian Language Act," Gavran said at the press conference, adding that the group included Fellows of the Croatian Academy: August Kovačec, Stjepan Damjanović, Mislav Ježić, and linguists Tomislav Stojanov and Mario Grčević.

He underscored that in addition to the five renowned linguists, the draft bill would be prepared by three lawyers, and it would be co-signed by Croatian writers, after which it would be sent to the Croatian parliament.

He announced that in the future the editions of Matica Hrvatska would be sent to embassies and Croatian language departments all over the world.

We insist on good atmosphere and mutual respect, increasing the number of members, establishing new branches and restoring old ones, as well as on the increased activity of the departments of Matica Hrvatska, said the institution's president, adding that over 500 different cultural, science and professional events were planned at branches of Matica Hrvatska in Croatia,  Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world.

Today, Matica Hrvatska has around 4,000 members and 123 branches, 100 of which are in Croatia, 14 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in other parts of the world. Matica Hrvatska has 20 departments in Zagreb, and its head office has 31 employees.