Posavec: 79% of Vote Best Result in Croatia

By 1 December 2021

ZAGREB, 1 December, 2021 - Matija Posavec, who has been re-elected Međimurje County Prefect by 79% of the electorate's votes, said on Wednesday this was the best ever election result in Međimurje County and Croatia, but that it was also an obligation.

After he was presented with the official election results, Posavec thanked everyone who supported him. 

"This support is very high, legitimate and as far as I am concerned, it is the only standard in politics," he said and added that anyone in politics and public office has to be prepared to stand before the court of citizens who ultimately elect, assess and express their views, expectations, wishes and hopes.

Large and respectable result 

"There has never been a better result, not only in Međimurje but in Croatia - 79.11%, or 80% at the county level where we have almost 100,000 voters. This is a great, respectable result," said  Posavec and thanked the political parties that stood behind him.

Posavec stepped down as county prefect after being arrested on suspicion of corruption. He will officially return to his office on 2 December.

Fourth consecutive victory

This is Posavec's fourth consecutive victory for Međimurje County Prefect. He stepped down in September after he was suspected of accepting a bribe, abuse of position and influence peddling.

A snap election was called and Posavec, who had not appeared in public for two months, once again ran in the race and gained the confidence of the electorate.

According to the Electoral Commission, Posavec won 21,847  or 79.11% of the vote, defeating three other contestants.