MP Puljak: Split Did Not Take Loan from OTP Bank but Agreed Overdraft

By 26 October 2021

ZAGREB, 26 October, 2021 - MP Marijana Puljak of the Centre party said on Tuesday that the Split city administration had not signed a contract for a HRK 135 million loan with OTP Bank but had just agreed an overdraft, to be used if necessary.

Split city councillor Davor Matijević of the Social Democratic Party said last Friday that Mayor Ivica Puljak had signed a HRK 135 million loan agreement with OTP Bank in mid-July about which the public and the partners in the then ruling majority knew nothing.

"The SDP has evidently never had a bank account with an overdraft. The Split city administration agreed an overdraft with the bank in which it has an account. If you have an account in OTP Bank, you cannot ask for an overdraft at some other bank. These accusations are ridiculous," said MP Puljak, who is Split Mayor Ivica Puljak's wife.

She added that the overdraft had nothing to do with her because she left her job at OTP Bank in 2019, after working 25 years in its IT department.

"I am being accused of being a banker and I am an IT specialist. I made sure computers operated 24 hours a day. I left the bank to start working in an IT company and I have been a professional politician only for a year. When I withdraw from politics, I will have a vocation while those who owe everything they have to politics are making up problems and trying to topple us," she said, adding that the new city administration in Split was putting things in order and introducing a number of changes, which the City Council had been unwilling to follow.

"This is the first time in the history of parliamentarianism that the Opposition is refusing to go to elections... They had the opportunity to dissolve the City Council. If things are not working, let's ask citizens at the ballot box what they want," Puljak said.