Croatian Embassy Sharply Condemns Attacks on Croat Symbols in Bosnia

By 25 October 2021
Croatian Embassy Sharply Condemns Attacks on Croat Symbols in Bosnia
Photo: Hrvoje Jelavic/PIXSELL

ZAGREB, 25 Oct 2021 - The Croatian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday strongly condemned the frequent attacks on Croatian symbols in that country and warned that these are serious incidents that authorities in the country must not ignore as they create feelings of fear and insecurity.

After a monument to killed soldiers of the Croatian Defence Forces (HVO) had been desecrated in Vitez over the weekend, the embassy today issued a statement to condemn in the strongest terms the incident and underscore that the Vitez case, as well as another recent incident against the Catholic church in Bihać, are just two in a series of similar worrisome cases.

"This vandalic act, and recent threats to Croatian political representatives in Bugojno and the violent tearing down of the Croatian flag in Bugojno and Vareš, comprise serious incidents directed against the Croatian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina," the statement says noting that attacks on Croatian premises and symbols create fear and distrust and must not be ignored." "Hence the Embassy of Croatia calls on the highest competent institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina to condemn these incidents, and to shed light on their background and punish those responsibly," the statement said.

The Embassy recalled that the Croatian state wishes to be a sincere friend and is committed to all efforts to support that country on its European and Euro-Atlantic journey, to guarantee the equality of all three constituent peoples and all citizens, and to strengthen the respect of coexistence, tolerance, and rule of law.

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