Mayor: Zagreb Acted in Line with Law Choosing Bio-Waste Recovery Company

By 19 October 2021
Mayor: Zagreb Acted in Line with Law Choosing Bio-Waste Recovery Company
Tomislav Tomašević, Zagreb Matija Habljak/PIXSELL

ZAGREB, 19 October, 2021 - Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomašević said on Tuesday that due to the lack of a composting plant for organic waste the city was forced to sign contracts with private companies providing those services, adding that in the case of the Ce-za-r company, the city acted in line with the law.

Following a public tender, a year-long contract for the recovery of organic waste was signed with Ce-za-r, which is part of the CIOS Group, owned by businessman Petar Pripuz, which made the most favourable offer, he said.

"I have said on a number of occasions that we will act in line with the law if their documents are clean, and we have done so. The city's decision was made in line with the law, the tentative contract has been signed for a period of one year and it provides a solution until the city gets its own composting plant," Tomašević told a news conference.

He said that the city planned the construction of a composting plant and that it was considering more favourable financial options as well as the possibility of financing the project with EU funds.

On the other hand, the city can manage its bulky waste and while it is waiting for two purchased bulky waste crushers to arrive, a procedure has been underway to obtain permits for the operation of two leased crushers. We will show soon that city-owned companies can fully do that job on their own, as announced, the mayor said.

Tomašević said that a project designed to increase the number of renewable energy sources in the city would be forwarded to the City Assembly for its next session.

"The purpose is to install solar panels on public buildings' roofs and help owners of private properties do so as well, so that in the next three years we could achieve a capacity of 50 MW of integrated solar power plants in the city. The project will activate private investments worth HRK 300 million, not including VAT, and result in 50,000 megawatt hours of energy free of carbon dioxide emissions," Tomašević said.

Commenting on media reports according to which the amount of scholarships for students with disabilities would be reduced, Deputy Mayor Danijela Dolenec said that the amount would not change and would stay at HRK 2,700 for high school students and HRK 3,800 for university students.

The purpose of the planned changes, which were given up on following public consultation, was to increase the number of beneficiaries, thus providing access to education with scholarships for a larger number of students, with a lower amount of scholarships, she said.

Deputy Mayor Luka Korlaet welcomed the adoption of the new Reconstruction Act which brings changes in financing the reconstruction process and makes it faster, stressing that mobile teams had been on the ground since July and had since visited owners of 4,435 properties in Zagreb, of which 1,088 required full reconstruction while 1,347 required partial reconstruction.