Grlić Radman: Croatia has Support for Stance on BiH and W. Balkans

By 19 October 2021

ZAGREB, 19 October, 2021 - Croatia has received support from a large number of EU member states for its position that it is necessary to conduct an election legislation reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to eliminate all kinds of discrimination, Foreign and European Affairs Minister Gordan Grlić Radman said on Monday.

"I received support from a large number of EU member states," Grlić Radman said after a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg.

The ministers discussed the situation in the Western Balkans and the European prospects of that area.

Grlić Radman said that he had expressed concern about the situation in the region and in BiH due to the blockade of institutions and absence of a consensus to change election legislation that would remove all inequalities and discrimination that have been existing and thus enable all the three constituent peoples to exercise the same rights according to the Dayton peace accord.

"That can be achieved if political leaders in BiH truly agree and this appeal is directed to them to cease paralysing institutions and to resume negotiations and come to an agreement," underscored Grlić Radman, adding that he had received a lot of support for that stance.

"Croatia shares the longest border with Bosnia and Herzegovina is the most qualified to speak about that because it has direct experience and our position has received a good response," he added.

Grlić Radman expressed concern over the incidents in Montenegro and recent unrest on the border between Serbia and Kosovo.

"I received support from the EU, that it is necessary to dedicate more attention to that part of Europe. Conflicts in that area 30 years ago are a warning that that must not  recur. The EU has to dedicate more attention with regard to the influence of third countries and pay more attention to the European prospects of those countries," concluded Minister Grlić Radman.