Opposition Satisfied with Supreme Court Ruling, HDZ Says isn't Corrupt

By 14 October 2021

ZAGREB, 14 October, 2021 - The opposition in parliament expressed its satisfaction on Wednesday with the Supreme Court's verdict in the retrial of the Fimi Media corruption under which the Croatian Democratic Union was fined HRK 3.5 million.

Urša Raukar (ZLB) claimed that the verdict clearly identified the HDZ as the most responsible for corruption in Croatia.

That is a great news, added Katarina Peović (RF), at the end of a parliamentary debate on the President's recommendation for Judge Radovan Dobronić to be appointed Supreme Court President.

"The Supreme Court did not rule that the HDZ is a corrupt party, nor criminal enterprise," underscored HDZ party whip Branko Bačić, after opposition MPs continued to debate the Supreme Court's ruling in the retrial of the Fimi Media case. The HDZ was fined HRK 3.5 million while the former PM and HDZ chief Ivo Sanader had his prison sentence cut from eight to seven years.

"The Supreme Court ruled that the HDZ is guilty of being responsible for those responsible in the party and not because of the HDZ, its members and officials," said Bačić.

Bauk tells HDZ MPs not to worry 

Arsen Bauk (SDP) ironically told lawmakers from the HDZ ranks that despite the final verdict they need not worry.

"The Constitutional Court has never let you down and it won't do so now. If it could say that the Courts Act was in line with the Constitution then it can quash your verdict, as if that would not be the first time and then a statute of limitations will expire" and that'll be the end of that, claimed Bauk.