Mufti Kavazović Satisfied with Status of Islamic Community in Croatia

By 24 September 2021
Mufti Kavazović Satisfied with Status of Islamic Community in Croatia

ZAGREB, 24 Sept 2021 - The Grand Mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein Kavazović, on Friday expressed his satisfaction during talks with Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, with the status of the Islamic community in Croatia.

Plenković met with Kavazović in Government House where they exchanged opinions on the status and activities of the Islamic community in Croatia and on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a government press release said.

The Muslim dignitary said he was extremely satisfied with the quality of the status of the Islamic community in Croatia, which, he said, enjoys the most extensive rights in Europe and is very well integrated in Croatia.

He underscored that for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia is a country with the greatest importance, advocating the best possible cooperation and for Croatia to continue supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina on its Euro-Atlantic journey.

Plenković stressed the importance of finding satisfactory solutions regarding Bosnia and Herzegovina's election law to ensure democratic rights and legitimate and just political representation for BiH Croats in state institutions and at all levels of government in the spirit of the Dayton-Paris Accords, which, he said, was key to its stability and progress.

He reiterated Croatia's full support to BiH's European integration and readiness to deepen bilateral cooperation with full respect for the equality of the country's three constituent peoples and its sovereignty.

It was stated that strengthening the dialogue between Bosniaks and Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina and deepening their cooperation and building partnership are of the upmost importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina's betterment, the press release said.

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