Milanović: We're Fed up with COVID Frenzy, Life Should Go Back to Normal

By 10 September 2021
Milanović: We're Fed up with COVID Frenzy, Life Should Go Back to Normal

ZAGREB, 10 Sept 2021 - President Zoran Milanović said on Friday that the media frenzy over COVID-19 was grating on people's nerves and that things should start going back to normal.

"We should know the aim of all this frenzy. If anybody tells me that the aim is to completely eradicate coronavirus, I will tell them that this is insane. It is impossible. What matters now is adjustment and resumption of normal life," Milanović told the press in his office.

The story with coronavirus will be over the moment we have more vaccinated people than those who are not vaccinated, he said.

"The media frenzy over coronavirus is starting to grate on people's nerves."

"Everything has been said. Those who have got vaccinated, have solved their problem. If you get vaccinated, you do not stand any chance of developing serious symptoms or consequences. It is then like the flu," the president said.

He also finds it insane to advocate the "obsessive culture of safety".

"No one can be absolutely safe and secure, there is no life without any risk or disease," the president underscored.

Commenting on the high prevalence of this topic in foreign media outlets, such as CNN, Milanović said that each day he wondered "whether he is normal or whether they have gone mad."

"This amounts to sowing panic, and they are not the only ones to have been doing that since the beginning (of the pandemic). Simply, there is no absolute safety that excludes any possibility of getting sick. People develop thousands of more serious diseases, while we have been commenting on COVID for a year and a half."

In response to the comments from the press that Croatia's vaccination rate has not exceeded 50%, Milanović said that he did not care any more about that, since this was a sufficient rate of vaccination.

"Everyone knows that... there is no chance of putting those people at risk," the Croatian president said.

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