Parl. Speaker Hopeful "Best Candidate" for Supreme Court Head Will Be Elected

By 6 August 2021
Parl. Speaker Hopeful "Best Candidate" for Supreme Court Head Will Be Elected
Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

ZAGREB, 6 Aug 2021 - Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković on Friday expressed a wish for the best candidate to be selected in a third attempt to appoint the Supreme Court president.

"It is my wish, and I believe most of us involved share it, that this time the best candidate is chosen," Jandroković said during a visit to Split, on the last day potential candidates were able to submit their applications for the post of Supreme Court president.

The State Judicial Council on 7 July published a third public call for the head of the Supreme Court, with 30 days as the application deadline, which expires at midnight.

After the President of the Republic proposes one of the candidates, they will be discussed by the parliament.

Earlier this week, President Zoran Milanović confirmed that he would propose Zagreb Commercial Court judge Radovan Dobronić who in 2013 ruled against eight banks in a case concerning loans denominated in Swiss francs.

Jandroković said today that the ruling majority had still not discussed the candidates.

"We need to see their biographies, programmes, and what the Judiciary Committee and the General Convention of the Supreme Court will say," Jandroković said when asked if there was a consensus on Milanović's candidate.

He noted that it was not impossible the parliament would meet in early September to discuss the topic.

Milanović said earlier that he would nominate his candidate on time after his first candidate Zlata Đurđević did not receive majority support in the parliament.

After the term of Supreme Court president Đuro Sessa expired on 20 July, his deputy Marin Mrčela took over.

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