Ivica Puljak Elected Split Mayor

By 31 May 2021
Ivica Puljak Elected Split Mayor
Ivica Puljak | Ivica Puljak Facebook

May 31st, 2021 - The new mayor of Split is Ivica Puljak of the Centre party, who by 10.30 p.m. won 35,565 votes, according to data released by the State Electoral Commission (DIP).

Addressing the public in his campaign headquarters, Puljak told citizens that all of them had won, both those who had voted for him and those who hadn't and that he would do everything to justify their trust.

He told them to stand by them as they had before and congratulated his opponent Vice Mihanović (HDZ), who had previously congratulated Puljak on his victory.

Speaking about the campaign, he admitted that it had been unpleasant and that he wouldn't want any campaign to be like the one in Split.

"We have apologized for the mistakes of the past and asked for forgiveness, the citizens forgave us, and we will forgive our opponents. As of today, Split is a different city, a city full of optimism and hope. Our first move will be to help citizens, as well as entrepreneurs, overcome the crisis. We are looking at a future that will be extraordinary," Puljak said.

He announced that he would start talks with other members of the city council tomorrow.

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