New Osijek Mayor Says Victory Convincing, No Room for Euphoria

By 30 May 2021
New Osijek Mayor Says Victory Convincing, No Room for Euphoria

ZAGREB, 30 May, 2021 - The HDZ's candidate for Osijek Mayor, Ivan Radić, who on Sunday won runoff elections in that eastern Croatian city, said that his victory was a convincing one but that there was no room for euphoria and that he would get down to work and project implementation immediately after taking office.

Preliminary results, collected from all 117 city polling stations, show that Radić won 15,526 votes and his rival, independent candidate Berislav Mlinarević, backed by the Homeland Movement and Bridge, 9,241 votes.

"I have talked to (outgoing) Mayor Ivica Vrkić, the transfer of duties will be performed as soon as possible so that we could get down to work... Osijek must become a real Slavonian metropolis and driver of Slavonia's development," said Radić.

Considering that the HDZ and its partners have a majority in the Osijek City Council, Radić said that that was important because of stability and the need to start with preparations for its first session.

Radić thanked voters for taking part in the elections, calling on members of the city council to be constructive and promising to be inclusive and support any good project.

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