SDP Candidate For Mayor of Split Says Ustaša Salute Should Be Outlawed

By 10 April 2021
SDP Candidate For Mayor of Split Says Ustaša Salute Should Be Outlawed
Milan Sabic/PIXSELL

April 10, 2021 - The Social Democratic Party's (SDP) candidate for Mayor of Split, Ante Franić, said on Saturday that "For the Homeland Ready," the salute used by the pro-Nazi Ustasha regime that ruled Croatia during the Second World War, should be outlawed.

"I wish to make it clear that the Ustasha salute 'For the Homeland Ready' should be banned," Franić said in a statement, adding that it should be banned in all contexts, including where attempts are made to legalize it "under the guise of safeguarding the values of the Homeland War."

"We need a clear, legal ban," he stressed.

Franić said that the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)-led government, depending on the need to flirt with the far-right, often shifted the responsibility onto the police and the State Attorney's Office rather than outlaw the use of the Ustasha salute and insignia.

"Prime Minister Plenković, there is no acceptable context for the Ustasha salute. I fully support President Milanović, who leaves venues where this salute is used," Franić said.

Franić stated a press conference, scheduled for today near the monument to the 9th HOS (Croatian Defence Force) Brigade, was canceled for security reasons because it was to be held on 10 April, the day of the proclamation of the Ustasha-ruled Independent State of Croatia (NDH) in 1941. 

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